Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Winter has come...and it brought the flu with it.

This is a little snowman that my niece Suzi made for me. I think it's so cute!

Well, it is officially Winter now in Michigan. It's below freezing. The snow is falling. I don't think that the lake will freeze, but I hope it does. The children want to go skating.

I got the call from Tyler's school today to come and pick him up because he wasn't feeling well.
He has quite a fever that has been difficult to keep under control. I keep going back and forth between Tylenol and Motrin because neither can hold the fever back for four hours.

We have a travel television which I put in his bedroom so he can relax and watch movies. He's such a family person. He is miserable being isolated from everyone in his room. But, I can't risk him passing this bug to any of his siblings.

I think we're going to be laying low for a couple of days.

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Tamara said...

Sure hope Tyler gets to feeling better- poor guy- banished to the bedroom, at least he has the kitty to keep him company!