Saturday, September 06, 2008

19 Months...

Welcome to the Saturday Morning Chat Group...

Paula has her third daugher! Little Bella is home with her family. Please go to 'The Baby Journals' to welcome their new family member. She is just darling.

Good Morning Everyone and welcome to the Saturday Morning Chat Group! We're going to be hanging around the house today and then we have our annual family reunion to go tomorrow.

Robin at 'Red Thread Stitches' is auctioning off her services as a seamstress for a year. She will make 12 custom outfits for the winner.

I am going to be holding the Halloween Blog Contest again this year, so you may want to start collecting or creating your Halloween graphics : ) It's going to be a lot o fun. I already have some great judges lined up.



Submitted by: CM248586 from Oregon
Updated: September 03, 2008
Project ID: YBIBMW

Children’s Recovery Centers for thousands living in refugee camps near the quake’s epicenter. Traumatized children will be offered a safe place for emotional healing – a chance to be children again. In ‘Big Top’ tents there will be preschool programs & afterschool/weekend therapeutic & fun activities for school-age children. Caregivers will be trained by trauma specialists & mental health professionals in nurturing and counseling for the long-term recovery of children suffering pain and loss.

Many children lost parents, family members, teachers and class-mates in the devastation of May 12. Children who experience such a violent, traumatic event need specialist care in their recovery – they may experience on-going fear, problems sleeping, eating, or even feeling any emotions at all. In order to heal, children need support through and beyond the grieving process. Children’s Recovery Centers will provide specialized programs and trained caregivers in a safe place for this purpose.

Thousands of children who survived the quake now suffer from trauma and loss – the impact will not have taken its toll only in the first days of the crisis, but will do so for months, even years. Each Children’s Recovery Center in the temporary camps near the epicenter will support approx. 1,000 children while the re-building of communities takes place. This project will support establishment and operation of 4 Centers serving about 4,000 hurting children for at least 2 yrs. Budget 540K.

I am proud of being part of a team that helps orphaned children in China by providing them with the love of family-like care. We’ve not been involved in disaster relief before this year, but immediately after the earthquake we wanted to jump right in and help -- and we did. I felt so much gratitude for being in a position to help back in May, but now the hype and world-wide attention has died down, we must still help the youngest survivors heal and rebuild their lives.

Concentrating on an art project

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Happy Friday...Wow! This Week Flew By.

Enjoy your Friday everyone. I love short weeks and this one was great because it flew right by. We're having quite a bit of rain here, so we'll see how it stands for the weekend. It's supposed to be nice. We are still waiting for 'the call' from our agency. I talked to our SW yesterday and she said to hang in there. She knows they are working to match people.
I have started to really shop for Sophia for the first time. I really didn't buy much for her at all over the past 2 years because it didn't seem like she was really going to come. Now I am definitely in a nesting mode and am getting things ready for her. Hopefully we will find her soon.

The boys seem to be enjoying getting back to school. Tyler is a little bummed because he no longer has recess (this is his first time in junior high school/they call it middle school here). But they seem to be getting into a good morning routine and getting used to going to bed earlier in the evenings now. I don't really enforce a bed time during the summer, but I do during the school year.

There will be a Saturday Morning Chat Group tomorrow. Hope you all can come!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Want to Have Your Own Personal Seamstress for a Year???...The Bid is On!

Bid to have a creation delivered every month for a year!

As many of you know we have been on a journey to Mia Hope stitch by stitch.
With a little help from my friends I have come up with a new idea!

Creations for a Year!
What does this mean?
This means that I will be the highest bidder's personal seamstress during 2009!
How you ask?
Just leave your bid in the comment section and on September 15th at noon the highest bidder wins!
What does this include?
  • One custom made outfit every month for a total of 12 outfits during the year!
  • Creations are available January thru December 2009.
  • Creations must be chosen from my product and fabric selections which will continue to grow.
  • Free personalization or embroidery on your custom made creation. (subject to availability of patterns)
  • I will work closely with you to keep current on measurements for that custom fit. Toddler size 1 thru 6 only.
  • Your daughter will love having a custom dress for every occasion!
  • If you find your own fabric I would be happy to work with your selection.
  • Free shipping on your 12 creations delivered to your door!
  • Payment by the highest bidder is due by 10/10/08 or offer will go to the next bidder.
  • Split the bid with a friend and divide up your 12 creations as you choose.

Click below to see many creations available as part of this offer!



For questions please email me at: REDTHREADSTITCH@AOL.COM
"The Seamstress in Waiting"

I'm sorry you guys, I assumed that everyone knows Robin. To place a bid, go to Robin's blog 'Red Thread Stitsches'

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day...

Z and Jay tubing.

Z sideways.

Tim and my girfriend's father Fred (who I adore). He told me how beautiful I was every day that he saw me when I was pregnant with Tyler and Eli.

Eli and his girls.

The annual Labor Day neighborhood breakfast.

Good food!

Boat ride with Brody.

Eli telling Dad to 'hit it!' and go faster!

Sunday, August 31, 2008