Friday, January 12, 2007

1/5/07 We are (DTC) Dossier to China...Tell us it isn't all just a dream.

We met with our social worker for the first time in June of 06. She told us that the wait for our daughter under the China program would be 15-18 months. She didn't tell us that we had 6-8 months worth of paperwork to get through before the 15-18 months even started.

So, for quite a few months we believed that our clock was running and it wasn't. We were frozen in time. It was through access to the many adoption blogs that we became educated on how this process works and what the timelines really are.

Our paperchase has taken a LONG time to say the least. Not only did we require medical forms for ourselves, but for each of our four children. There were three states involved in the state seal process. We were told to get certain documents but not told that they had to be notarized so they had to be re-done.

For you fellow adopting families, I'm not telling you anything new.
But, WE'RE DONE NOW!! All of our papers are exactly as they should be. They are notarized, sealed and certified. They were sent to China on January 5th. We now wait to receive word on what our (LID) Log In Date is. This is what starts the clock running. We will have Sophia approximately 18 to 24 months from our LID.

We have done the best job we can handling this situation. We have no real answers to the question, when?
Our children don't even ask anymore. They know that it will be a long time.

I hold the hope of her in my heart. Some days I think about her all of the time, some days I'm afraid that something will go wrong and my daughter will never come. Every once in a while I allow myself to feel like the expecting Mom of a precious little girl and I buy a little something. Nothing much, just something small to let me know it isn't all just a dream.


Andrea said...

That is awesome! Welcome to this roller coaster of a ride and hang on!! I hope you get a speedy LID!!

Rhonda said...

Congrats on being DTC!

Susie said...

Hi, congrats on your recent news! I'm sorry you had such a set back in the beginning, but your are now off...the road has started and you will get your daughter sometime hopefully sooner than you think. I am friends with Andrea and noticed your comment on her site. Your little one is so sweet and precious. Feel free to check in with me sometime.

Kim said...

zkotmpgwI understand completely....the same EXACT thing happened to us....we were in paperchase for probaby a year...I am like you, I learned about the process through the blog community. I think I didn't ask enough questions at the beginning. Although we have been in this process for a long time and we could have been way further along than we are, we know that our daughter that God has for us would not have been ready for our family earlier....God has a plan and it's in His perfect timing that our precious daughter will be placed in our arms.....oh what a sweet and glorious day that will be!!!!

Have a great weekend,

Kim said...

zkotmpgw.....doesn't mean was the word verification I had to type it ended up there I will never know.


Elizabeth said...

RMJ, I like your blog's new look. I too started with the dots.
Ya during our paperchase I realized a lot about the timeline from the internet. Just before we were all done we decided to go SN route because we knew we could handle a minor health issue and we knew the wait was shorter. But it's still a roller coaster. I like the little shoes you have bought, I initially went crazy on ebay myself but have toned it down a bit.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on DTC!!!

The waiting is the hardest part of all. The wait on each of our two China adoptions seemed interminable...but they weren't as long as the waits have become recently. Having other children already in the nest makes it least it did for me. Our nine month wait for the first child (that was the length of the ENTIRE process from pre-homestudy through adoption finalization!) was harder to endure than the almost two year process for our second child. Our third little guy (an accidental adoption from Tawain) whizzed through in nothing flat. It is a shame that China allows the process to be so lengthy. It wouldn't have to be that way...but, at least they allow some of the babies to have homes abroad. I wish they would allow all of the babies in the orphanages that chance, though. If they did, there wouldn't be long waits between DTC and referral. It doesn't seem the babies or to the parents waiting so longingly for them.