Thursday, January 11, 2007

Eli is our little star

A very good friend of our family is part owner of this company and she asked me while I was pregnant with Eli if she could use him as their company baby. Of course we said yes as she is a good friend. I think that she did a beautiful job.

For our friends and family who keep asking which magazine he is in, this is the one. I believe that he will be featured in here for the next year. I know that there are plans for other publications but I haven't heard anything firm.

This is the actual advertisement. There have been reports on the news and there is a
commercial but I don't believe the commercial is being aired yet.

Now to answer the questions of what this is. This is a kit that allows women to track their ovulation cycles and provides a type of at-home artificial insemenation kit. They have a website. Eli is also featured there and more information is available. Evidently it has been quite successful.

Eli's photo is on all of the packaging. This is a sample of the main box that holds all of the components of the kit.

And here is the Tyler report: Still feverish. Home again for the 3rd day. He was pretty depressed this morning so I gave him a bell and named him Prince Tyler. I told him to ring the bell whenever he needed his Royal Mother to attend to him. Well, needless to say I have been a slave to the bell all day. He's having fun though.


Elizabeth said...

Wow your boy is famous. And so sweet! Is this a career for him? Will you do more ads with him? B/c it looks like he's a natural. And this is none of my business, but I ask under the anonyminity of the interent, does it pay well? Feel free not to answer. Elizabeth

Headmeister said...

Love love love his little face!

BTW - thank you for the comment of the "coolest blog ever!"... You made me smile and it really made my day! Because karma guides my life, I have decided that you have won yourself a free blog header and blog color change once I'm done with all my blogs :) You pick 2-3 complimenting colors, and I get to go buck-nutty and surprise you with a design of my choice. Email me with your colors, your blog login and password, and I'll keep it at the ready ;)

See what happens when you pay someone a compliment? :)

Be well,

redmaryjanes said...


No, this won't be a career, I just did it to help out our friend. He was paid with stock in the company so if it does well, it could be good for him. I don't imagine that it will be a huge amount of money, but it may pay for a semmester of college or something.


redmaryjanes said...


NO WAY!!! I am thrilled!! You have the coolest site I have ever seen! WOOHOO!
I will definitely get my information to you tonight. I don't know what colors to do yet.

Thank you, I'm sure that it takes a lot of time and energy to build these blogs.

You are great! You have made my day! I've only had this blog up for a week and I love doing it. This facelift will be fabulous!!

Headmeister said...

Hey Kimberly - email me at when you can... I need your email address....

Carolyn said...

Eli is so sweet! What nice keepsakes for him when he gets older (of course, he'll probably be embarrassed by it until he's at least 30...!!)