Friday, October 09, 2009

Sophia's First Night In Her Room...In Her Big Girl Bed...Eli Too!

Please cross your fingers and say a little prayer. Tonight is the first night that Sophia will try to sleep in her room in her big girl bed. She has been in a toddler bed in our room since July 3rd. We tried VERY UNSUCCESSFULLY to have her sleep in her own room and bed when we got home, but she just wasn't ready.
Now, we have also had issues with Eli since we came home. He wakes up all throughout the night and gets out of bed and tries to climb into bed with whoever will take him. This has been going on for three months.
So tonight I am putting them both on the bottom bunk at each end. I am hoping that they will be comforted by each other and sleep in their room all night long.

We made very special preparations for tonight. Eli got a new Transformers poster that I put on his end of the bed and Sophia got a new Tinkerbell poster for her end. We also put glow in the dark stars on the wood that supports the top matress, so that when they look up they will see them.

Oh my word...I am so nervous. I HOPE THIS WORKS!!!

Why Did You Bring Me Home?...This Morning's Conversation with Sophia.

This morning Sophia was looking at her Baby Be Blessed doll. I told her she was a very special doll because Mama took her with her to China when she went to get Sophia. Sophia looked at me and said "China?". I said yes, "I went to China to bring you home". She then asked, "Why did you bring me home?". I said, "Because I am your Mama and I love you." And she looked deep in my eyes and said, "Thank you Mama".

Ballet Photos...

I had a request to take some photos of Sophia at Ballet last night. Miss Kelly has a pretty strict policy of no one peeking in when the doors are closed, but here are the shots I got.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Starfish Needs Some Help...Children's Tylenol & Motrin Need to be Shipped Out ASAP.

There is a bacterial infection going through the orphanage in Xian where Amanda's children come from. Some of her children are starting to come down with fever and she is low on Children's Tylenol and Children's Motrin.
Please, if you are willing to send a small package with a bottle of each, let me know. If you ship via the US Postal Service, it should be pretty inexpensive.
She needs the meds now.

Please leave a comment and I will get you her address. If you are traveling to China soon and are willing to bring some meds and mail them from there, let me know.

Thank you.

Kim's Bow Swap....

Kim at 'Isabella Bison' is hosting a bow swap. Head on over to her blog and sign up :) If you order your bows for the swap from Sophia Jane Boutique, send me an e-mail and let me know what message you would like to send to your person and I will ship your bows directly to whoever you are matched with. I will also throw in a bonus bow!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Chinese Moon Festival 09

We had a wonderful time celebrating Chinese Moon Festival with Kim K. and her family and friends. The children made paper lanterns and decorated moon cookies and then we went to eat at a Chinese restaurant. We re-connected with some families we have known and met some new families too.