Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tyler is Home From Camp...

Tyler had a wonderful time at camp this year. I am very proud of him. He goes to a Christian camp here in Michigan where the kids have a lot of fun swimming, tubing, doing archery, crafts..the usual fun camp things. But there is also a large emphasis on learning more about Christ and the Bible. There are two major awards given to campers who go beyond the daily requirements of memorizing their Bible verses and showing a great spirit and sense of sportmanship. Tyler won both awards this year. Above is Tyler receiving the All Around Bible Award for his Bible verse memorization.

This is Tyler (on the right) receiving the 'M' Award. You must first with the All Around Bible before you can qualify for the M, the M is awarded for displaying a good Christian spirit throughout your stay at the camp and exploring the different activities there.

This is Tyler and his camp counselor Ross.

This is his cabin and the group of boys who he stayed with. Tyler is very interested in archery and spent most of his days at the archery range. My father bought him his own bow last year after he completed Hunter's Safety, so I was glad to see it get some use. He won an award for archery also at camp along with 6 other ribbons for athletic events. ALSO, he never bathed the entire week except to swim in the lake and only changed his underwear once. Yuck!

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome to the Saturday Morning Chat Group!

Good Morning Everyone! What are your plans for this week? We are going to have a quiet weekend. Tyler just got home from camp and Zach is coming back from his church youth group trip to Colorado on Sunday. I am working until Wednesday and then I'm off for the 4th of July weekend!


Friday, June 27, 2008

Can't Keep On The Schedule...

I tell you, with this beautiful summer weather, I am really struggling to get Eli to bed on time. I get home from work and it is just warm and sunny and Eli can't wait to go outside. All he wants to do is get out and ride his Harley trike or fish or swim. I just want to get out too. This past winter was so cold and dreary and drug on forever.
Tim just got a new fishing boat, so for the past couple of nights we've gone fishing. Oh yes ladies, I love to go fishing. So, we have packed it up and went out on the fishing boat and it's been a lot of fun. Eli is a great little fisherboy and can cast his own line out. He sits and lets his feet dangle into the water, it is so cute. He caught two fish last night. He told me he no longer likes the 'white boat' which is our family boat, and only likes the fishing boat. That's fine with me I guess.
Eli's bedtime is 8:30pm. I stick to it like clockwork...except for summertime evidently. Last night it was almost 10pm when we got in and he went to bed. I have him shower with Dad before bed to get the insect repellant off and any fish smell he may have lingering. So, that's my 3 year old went to bed at 10pm.
I just love to check on him while he is sleeping. I think he is so beautiful. I know that all mother's think their sleeping children are beautiful...and they are. So, here's a photo of my boy dreaming of fishes and turtles.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Arte Y Pico Award

I received this award from Linda at 'Parker's Paradise'. Thank you so much Linda, I am thrilled to receive this and thrilled to know you. You have the gift of really just enveloping others in your kindness and giving them a sense of comfort and home. I love your blog and the words that you leave behind when you visit keep me going. You always seem to know what to say.

This the Arte Y Pico award and I did a little research on it and it is to award people who inspire others with their creative energy and spirit. I believe this is Spanish, so any of my Spanish speaking friends, please correct me if I do not have the spelling correct. I saw it spelled so many different ways.

This is what Linda said about me which is so kind.

Kim at the Seventh Diamond. She is outgoing, generous, compassionate and always available when you need that shoulder. She works constantly to help families with their adoption needs, often putting their needs before her own. Her blog always looks beautiful. She has a flair for design and a quick wit. She deserves this award much more than I do.

I am supposed to pass this along to 5 people.

1) Daleea at 'Jewels of My Heart' has a very creative soul and uses her talents to help others. I love her blog 'One Child at A Time' that she developed and is using to raise money for 'The Starfish Foster Home'. She is sewing daily to provide items for the auction. She is just truly a source of inspiration to me and blesses me with her friendship and keeps me grounded in the Lord with her comfort and advice.

2) Meredith Teagarden at 'A Mother Singing' is also an amazingly creative person. She is an excellent seamstress who is also using her talents to help the Starfish orphans. She has a heart for children and a desire to work hard to make a difference in this world. I have not linked this blog as it is private, but truly it is a treasure, she is an excellent writer also.

3) Verna the Blogfairy at 'The Bigs and Littles'. Verna is my right hand in everything that I do. She is always supporting and helping to develop the fundraisers and baby showers. She is a wizard with webpages and graphics and donates her talents to raise money for adopting families.

4) Robin at 'Red Thread Stitches' is an amazingly talented seamstress who in the midst of needing to raise money to bring her own child home has always come forward to donate funds to families and children who are in need. She is truly an amazing inspiratation.

5) Debbie at 'Pixel Fairy Princess'. I am just getting to know Debbie and I can tell you that she is an amazingly gifted and giving person. She has raised a large amount of money for the Starfish babies through donating her photography skills and still continues to give. If you haven't seen her photographs, you really should go and spend some time on her blog.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Congratulations to Kelly and Eric/Truly Blessed!

Introducing Elizabeth Joy! Just look at this little darling. She is so cute! I can't wait to kiss her little cheek. Oh yes everyone, this little cutie will be going to my church.

I absolutely love this photo, because look at her....she has a perfect little smile for the camera. What a doll! Congratulations to Kelly, Eric and family on your new addition. You can follow this families journey on the their travel blog. 'Elizabeth's Travel Blog'

Monday, June 23, 2008

Win a Carseat in April's Car Seat Raffle!

My dear friend April is raffling off a very nice car seat in order to raise funds to bring home her daughter Eliana from China.
This is a woman whose adoption journey has been long. She has experienced failed adoptions due to country closings and other issues and is finally after many years about to see her dream come true.
She has been a wonderful source of support to our community, so please do what you can.
Her blog is 'The Road to Siji'.

Sunday, June 22, 2008