Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I tell you, things are just a tad crazy here right now. I am used to having a lot going on and projects working simultaneously. But I am used to having two functional arms. Have you ever tried to get by for weeks only writing with your opposite hand? I'm hanging in there, right now I'm typing with my left hand.
I owe so many thank you cards. I've written some with my right hand and the cast, but I'm not supposed to and it starts to really hurt. So, please bear with me. I live in a house with all males and their writing is awful. so I'm kind of stuck.
But let me tell you how happy I am. The daughter in my dreams now has a face and she is so beautiful. I keep rehearsing in my mind what I will say when I see her for the first time.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sophia's Shower...Hosted by Kelly

I want to begin by saying Thank You to Kelly for throwing the most wonderful shower that I have ever attended. I had a wonderful time and hope that someone has a photo of the two of us together. Thank you to Kim too, who I know also did a lot of work for my special day. Nancy, I can't believe you drove over 6 hours to get here..thank you, it a was wonderful surprise to see you. And thank you to Aunt Carol, Aunt JoAnn and cousin was great to have you there. And thank you to all of my special girlfriends who came and just overwhelmed me with all of the love you showed for my girl.

My pictures saved in different sizes, but this is me and Steffie. She was our official photographer. Our children are the same age and are living together in the same orphanage. We have spent the last two years together...waiting and half a world away our children have been together too.

These are Sophia's gifts. Each one was truly from the heart. Everything is so special.

There were a couple of times when I got a little emotional.

Here are some of the ladies underneath Chinese Lanterns. Kelly had each room decorated for the shower.

This is a shadow box that Kim made for Sophia. I wish you could see it is amazing and contains things from Beijing where Sophia is from.

Kelly is holding up one of Sophia's beach towels.

Kelly made a wonderful lunch for everyone and the shower ended perfectly with cake.