Saturday, February 07, 2009

I just want you all to know.

I am in Kansas City. I have been here since I received a call to come home because my Grandmother is passing on. She is losing her battle with lung cancer and I am home to be with her for her final days.
Right now I am focusing on sitting with my Grandmother, holding her hand and sleeping with her. My family is together and we are cherishing this time.

I am still very dedicated to the Starfish project as I know that it is very important. Please keep the sponsorships coming. We are so grateful for everyone's help, but we still have quite a ways to go. So please keep the e-mails coming. They are a bright spot for me in a very difficult time.

Please understand if I do not respond as quickly as normal, I am checking only once a day right now. I want to devote all I can to my Grandmother.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

9 Starfish Cleft Home Babies Have Arrived...4 Are Due to Arrive Soon...Aren't they Darling???

These 9 babies at the Starfish Cleft Home are fully sponsored. Thank you so much to everyone who came forward to support these children.

Woo HOO! Our blog is up and running!
Tina is fully sponsored.

Tim is fully sponsored.

Stella is fully sponsored.

Nick is fully sponsored.

Karl is fully sponsored.

Jasmine is fully sponsored.

Clara is fully sponsored.

Bryan is fully sponsored.

Antonia is fully sponsored.

Monday, February 02, 2009

The Starfish Cleft Palate Home...A Leap of Faith

Amanda was contacted a couple of days ago by the Director of the orphanage in her area. There has been a large group of infants left, many with cleft palate issues and the orphanage has no room to take them in. There are 12 who are due to be released from the local hospital in the next couple of days with nowhere to go.
Amanda has been planning to open a Cleft Palate Home in the distant future when funds were in place, but because of these 12 little ones, she is converting the volunteer quarters into a the Cleft Palate Home and will take in these 12 babies.
She only has funds to support them for 3 months, so this is where we come in. We need approximately 72 families to come forward who are willing to sponsor a child for $25.00 a month. It costs approx. $150.00 a month for Amanda to feed and care for each child, so it it will take 6 families to step forward for each child. Or if a family is willing to contribute more, that would lessen the number of families needed. This would be a year commitment. Amanda will send out updates to the families and photos of the sponsored babies.

The amount is totally tax deductible and the donations will go through the STARFISH CHILDREN'S SERVICES and the tax number is 20-4682816

If you are part of a woman's prayer group, or work with a youth group, perhaps you would consider having your group sponsor one child for a year.

If you are willing to come forward as a sponsor family or group, please leave a comment below or e-mail me at

A new blog is being created for the home and we will have all of the details to you soon. But we need sponsors quickly, because these children are being released to Amanda in a couple of days if we can get everything together.

If you have ever sat in your living room and wondered how you could make an impact, this is it. Amanda is moving forward not knowing where the money will come from. These 12 children need a place to heal and grow. I need help finding approx. 72 families who are willing to contribute $25.00 monthly to support these children. I don't know that many people, so if you all could help spread the word about this project, it would be wonderful.

14 families have come forward to sponsor children...thank you!

5 out of the 12 children are completely sponsored.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Starfish Supply Raiser is On Hold....

The Starfish Supply Raiser is currently being placed on hold. Amanda contacted me today and would like us to shift our focus to raising support for the new Starfish Cleft Palate Home. If you have already made your purchases, please go ahead and ship them to me. Everything collected will still be sent to Starfish.
Please keep Starfish in your prayers. God is good and there are wonderful things coming on the horizon for these children and others too.