Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Do you believe in Angels?

Zachary has been talking about this book for a couple of months now. It is called The Book of Angels by Ruth Thompson, L.A. Williams and Renae Taylor. He finally received the book as a Christmas gift and has had his nose buried in it ever since. I try to show an interest in the things that are capturing my children's attention so I picked up the book yesterday. It is really interesting.

I am a Christian woman and I guess that I have always assumed that there are angels but I haven't really given them a lot of thought. This book has made me think about them quite a bit over the past two days.

The authors have compiled information about recorded angel sitings starting with the ancient Egyptians. There is documented evidence of them interacting on earth centuries before the birth of Jesus. They have information from ancient Egyptian texts, Native American drawings, the Bible, the Koran and other sources.

It discusses the hierarchy of Angels, their appearances and their different responsibilities.

One thing that I found interesting is that it says that an Angel is assigned to each individual human from birth to death. Well, if a heavenly being has been hanging around with me for 38 years, I want to know their name. Should I try to talk with it? It's kind of comforting but also kind of intimidating to think that there is always an angel with you. I have heard of Guardian Angels, but I guess I thought that was just something you told children to comfort them. Maybe not....

There were also interesting accounts of famous individuals who claimed to have been visited by Angels. George Washington claimed to have had an encounter with an Angel who showed him three wars that were to take place involving the United States. He said that the Angel told him that as long as there were stars and the heavens sent down dew upon the earth, the United States would last.

My stand is that I do believe that Angels exist and I wish that I knew more about them. I would like to think that I have a 'Guardian Angel'.

I know that this is kind of a different blog for me, but it's what's on my mind today, so that's what you get.

I would love to hear some comments on the topic of Angels. Please leave your thoughts.


Elizabeth said...

I totally believe in Angels but I think of them as Spirit Guides. I think we all have one. When I meditate I talk to mine, sorry if that sounds goofy. Elizabeth

My 3 Kiddos said...

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Kim said...

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Carolyn said...

Yep... maybe not in the traditional sense of the book you mentioned... but there are angels among us...