Saturday, June 02, 2007

Create Yourself..My Theme This Month...

Create your own reality, your dreams sometimes can be true. I love this. It says to me that if you truly want something..if it is your dream, you can put together a plan in most cases to bring it to reality. So, whether it is by advancing your education, stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting new people, or filling out an adoption application, you can take steps to get you where you want to be.
There have been times in my life when I have looked at myself and thought that I could be more or do more and then I clearly defined what that was. I put together a list of things I could do to get there. It worked for me.
I think I can be more specific. After my divorce, I decided that it was time to re-define myself as a woman. I decided that I wanted to further my career, so I sent my resume to a headhunter and I got a new better paying job. I wanted to read more, so I set aside time for reading and chose books off of the New York Times bestseller list. I wanted to exercise, so I became a runner. I wanted more of a social life, so I stuck my neck out there and met new people. I wanted a larger home for myself and my sons, so with my hands shaking, I financed and bought my dream home. Money was tight for a couple of years-very tight-but I am so glad that I did it. I prayed a lot and depended strongly on my faith to get me through. Lastly, but the sweetest blessing ever, I took my boys to DisneyWorld.

Good Morning Everyone!!

There's a lot going on here this morning. Zach is waiting for our neighbor to wake up so he can go use his new wakeboard. Eli is watching Thomas the Tank Engine, Tyler is making eggs and Tim is watching Eli's show through some still sleepy eyes. I think he'll fall back asleep. I'm going to put on the coffee and check out some blogs (as usual). A special good morning to Stacy and Joannah, my Saturday morning friends. If you would like to join in, just do a Good Morning post on Saturdays and leave a comment. I'll come and visit you!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Row Row Row your Boat...

One of our neighbors had this old rowboat on the side of his house. He hadn't touched it in many years. He wanted to get rid of it and Tim instantly claimed it.
When Tim was a boy, he spent a lot of time at his Grandparent's lake. They had a rowboat just like this one. So, this boat is a stroll down memory lane for him. He has very fond memories of rowing around his Grandparent's lake fishing. Now this old boat has a new lease on life. These are some pictures of Tim and Eli testing out the boat to see if it still floats. It does!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Passing the Time...I Had to get a Strategy

I am posting this because I need to state out loud for my own sense of happiness how I am going to positively deal with this wait. I recommend this to any of you out there who are feeling overwhelmed and sad about the constantly growing timeframes that are being put before us.

Number one, I am going to walk into a room and someone is going to hand me a living breathing human being. This concept overwhelms me. I have to say it again. I am going to walk into a room and someone is going to hand me a child. The price tag is paperwork and a 2 year wait. That is nothing compared to the gift. I can do that with a smile in my heart.

Number two, God has a specific child for us. We must be in the right place at the right time for that child. I want that child. I will wait.

Number three, I am surrounded by love and nurturing friends who all are having very similar journeys to mine. I am comforted daily. I have an excellent support group here in this blog. I can get through this with them. They will be here for me. I will be here for them.

Number four, I am surrounded by a loving family who also must endure this wait. I must do what I can to take the trauma from them and together we need to enjoy each day between now and when Sophia comes. We must live each day to the fullest and fill those days with laughter.

Number five, I love the Rumor Queen, but I cannot take the monthly ups and downs. I have to pass her blog by. It is too much for me.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Friendship Tree...

When I saw this picture, it brought back thoughts of when I first started this blog. I remember the excitement of getting my first comment (thank you Elizabeth) and wondering how anyone was going to come across my place in blogland.
I was the only heart on my tree.
Now I have met so many incredible people. Every day I know that my girlfriends will be checking on me. I check each of your sites daily and read all of your posts. There are days I am smiling and days I am crying with you. Each day has been a treasure. I do whatever I can to offer you support and guidance through my words, or in person if I can. You have no idea how much I appreciate the fact that you do the same. I appreciate every kind word and prayer. Thanks for sharing your lives with me. I would be lost in this craziness without you.

This Post is for My Dear Friend Kris...Soulsister...

Monday, May 28, 2007

Some End of the Weekend Photos..

Eli and the neighbor girls playing squirt guns. We call them his 'harem'. They played and looked after him all weekend. Brother Tyler is going to be jealous, they used to be his 'harem'.

Eli and Rachel.

How many men does it take to hold down a dock? Evidently 5!

Well, I hated to see this weekend end, but I'm a little sunburnt. My nails are caked with dirt from fishing with worms until 11pm tonight and I need a shower and some sleep! It looks like you all had a great weekend too.

3 Posts Today...Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Birthday! Ava Grace is 2 Years Old Today!!

Happy Birthday darling Ava Grace. I hope you have a wonderful day! Big Hugs and Kisses from us! Ava's blog is 'My Red Thread to Ava Grace YaHan'.

Good Morning! Yeah baby, I'm Home for the 3rd Morning in a Row!

I'm a little late this morning-big time sleepyhead. Stacy has probably already had her tea. I'm brewing the coffee. The neighbor girls showed up ringing the doorbell early, so they are playing with Eli.
I'm off to see what's going on in blogland.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fun In The Sun...

Summer truly begins for me when my dearest friend Cheryl comes out to the lake and opens up her cottage. I live here year-round, but she is seasonal. I have known her for almost 13 years now and our children have all grown up together. This is Cheryl with her daughter Emily on the right and our neighbor girl Morgan on the left who is Zachary's Godfather's daughter.

Eli and Cheryl's daughter Rachel blowing bubbles. Rachel played with Eli all day long. She has incredible patience.

This is our new dock. Tim built it on his own and I think he did a beautiful job. It lights up at night so the children can see more easily while out in the dark.

We are very blessed to live in a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone else and most of their extended families. The majority of us have lived on this loop together for over ten years. We all take care of each other and each other's children. We have the neighborhood 'Grandmothers' who bake cookies for the kids and are always available for a hug. We have people who work in almost every field imagineable and are there to help. We truly live in Mayberry.

Sunday...Memorial Day Weekend

I love long weekends...Happy Sunday Morning!

Long weekends are the best! I'm going to make a great cup of coffee and browse some blogs. Eli's eating cereal and watching the Wiggles. It's Tim's morning to sleep in a little bit. Last night we stayed out late fishing. I fed a lot of fish (my worm kept getting eaten), but Tim caught quite a few fly fishing. It was great fun!