Saturday, February 03, 2007

Looking for Jack Frost?....He's in Michigan.

We are under a blizzard warning. It is currently 4 degrees. Temperatures will reach below zero tonight. We are definitely staying inside. We did not go to Zach's hockey game and had to cancel our dinner tonight with friends.

Keep us in your thoughts and say a little prayer that we do not lose power. We will be fine as long as the power holds out.

Friday, February 02, 2007

This is why I love blogging

Please click on my link 'China to California' and send your warmest wishes to Leda and her family. They received their Travel Approval today.
She thinks I brought her luck. While writing my address on an envelope that she was sending a square for my 100 Wishes Quilt in, her agency called to tell her that she has TA.

Her post brought tears to my eyes and huge smile to my face.

Congratulations Leda!

February 3rd.....Ive been a blogger for 1 month!!

I started this blog as a way to communicate with others who were adopting from China. It has become so much more than that. I have met some truly wonderful people. I have laughed and cried and cared for strangers. There are blogs that I check daily to see what new fun news they are posting. I have waited with women for their LID's and Referrals. I have cheered them on during their Paper Chases.

And what is really great is that they are doing the same with me.

I have had a great month. My thanks to everyone who visits my site.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Revealing Some of My Bizarre Collection

I am accepting the tag to reveal some things in my house that are weird. Now, everything on this list, I just love. I can't tell you why, I just do.

These are called witches balls. Kind of creepy name, but the story is that the glass tendrils inside of the orbs were believed to be able to capture evil and keep it contained in the glass ball. These are said to have been quite popular during the 17 and 1800's.

The fairy in the kitchen rafters.

Me and the glow-in-the dark footprints that I bought at Halloween four years ago but never took down. They are in the upstairs bathroom on the mirror and they still glow in the dark. The kids love them.

When you have four children, this makes perfect sense. But, it's still a little weird to see an automatic hand sanitizer in someone's home.

The fairies hanging from the rafters above the staircase.

Don't know what to say about this. I just love it.

One painting of a sleeping woman.

Two paintings of a sleeping woman (actually this is a Matisse charcoal drawing).

Three paintings of a sleeping woman. I'm sure that one of you out there is a therapist and can explain to me why I am drawn to classic paintings of sleeping women.

And last but not least, the famous dogfish who debuted in my first post.

Lastly, but not pictured. I still own the bikini I wore in high school in 1986. Don't know why.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Trading Squares....I'm Open for Business

When I initially decided that we were going to make a 100 Wishes Quilt for Sophia, I made the decision that I was only going to include our family members and friends. I was not going to solicit any squares from the blogging world.
Well, I received a request from Robin at to trade squares. I agreed, I would never turn down a request for someone's child.
Above is what I received in the mail today. An absolutely beautiful piece of fabric with a wish that is on lovely paper and filled with beautiful quotes. I was taken by surprise at the care that Robin took to send something so special for my daughter. Thank you so much Robin, I just love what you sent. It is a treasure.
It started me thinking about the great women who I have met through this blog and how much support and encouragement they have given to me. It has truly been a pleasure getting to know all of you.

So, I have changed my mind. I would be delighted to swap squares with any of you. Above on the left is the fabric that I will be sending. On the right is an example of the paper that my wish will appear on. If you like it and would like to swap, just let me know.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Look At My New Header!! Now I Have To Get It On My Blog...

Isn't this fabulous?? Our fellow blogger Donna designed it for me out of the kindness of her heart and I just love it! The problem is that I can't figure out how to get it on my blog. The only place I can insert it is at the bottom where no one will see it. That won't do.
My dear husband has offered to figure out how to get this in place as my header.

So...what do you think of my new look?

Monday, January 29, 2007

A Poem for Sophia Jane

Her soul whispers to mine across thousands of miles
In my dreams I can see her face and her smile
When I speak her name, I know with me she belongs
Face to face, nose to nose, dancing to our hearts songs

In her fathers arms I wait, he holds me close, I dry his eyes
This child has stolen our hearts away, this small angel took us by surprise
I hear your whispers my tiny princess
Do not be sad, do not distress

Feel my love, I call on the angels to bring it to you
Regardless of time or distance, we will see this through
The love of a family, enduring and strong
It is here my baby girl-you will always belong

The day will soon come when in my arms you will be
Never to part, forever a branch on our proud family tree
Until then my sweet child, God hold you tight
And fill your tiny heart with His divine light

And send your sweet whispers to me on the wind
I hear you my princess, all of my love I send

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Six Expose

I have been tagged to reveal six weird things about myself.

I have twirled my hair all of my life.-especially when I am tired.

I sing while I drive-I mean I really belt it out.

I talk to myself.

Every morning I am worried that my hair rollers are still plugged in. I check them at least twice and sometimes I make Tim check them.

There is almost as much creamer in my coffee as there is coffee.

I am usually cold, especially in the winter. Regardless of what the thermostat says.