Saturday, November 29, 2008

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome to the Saturday Morning Chat Group!

Good Morning Everyone! Welcome to the Saturday Morning Chat Group! I have been out of touch over the past couple of days because Thanksgiving was a very busy time for us, but I'm back home and we had a really wonderful holiday.

Please sign up for the Christmas Card and Christmas Ornament Exchanges. It was so much fun last year to come home to so many wonderful cards every day. I am hoping that the ornament exchange is a lot of fun too! Just send me an e-mail at and let me know your address and which exchange you would like to participate in or both.

The Christmas Card Exchange addresses will be sent to you in e-mail on December 16th. You will need to send a Christmas Card to everyone on the list. For those of you participating in the Christmas Ornmanent Exchange, you will be given the name of one person to send a Christmas Ornament to and those names and addresses will be sent out on the 16th as well.

Lea at 'Oh My #6' is having a wonderful drawing at her blog, so head on over there and get signed up!

*The chat room is now closed, have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope that you have a wonderful day today with friends and family. I am about to make a large Thanksgiving Breakfast ( I am serving Ms. Bison's Pumpkin Roll!), then I am packing things up and heading to Detroit to make dinner at my FIL's home for us.

I want to thank Daleea for my new header for the Holidays! I just love it. As you can see, I will be hosting the Christmas Card Exchange again this year because it was so fun last year to receive everyone's cards and photos, I am also adding an ornament exchange. If you would like to participate in either one, send me an e-mail with your address and which activity you would like to be involved with, or both.

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What are you Thankful for?

Well, ladies, it is Thanksgiving time and I did this post last year and received some amazing answers.
I will begin by telling you all what I am thankful for.

I am thankful for my family. I am thankful that we are all healthy, that we all have wonderful things happening in our lives and that we love the Lord and each other.

I am thankful that I am 40 years old and still have all of my Grandparents living except for my Grandpa Jim who passed away 16 years ago.

I am grateful for my Aunt who I love to the core of my being. She has been so strong during my Grandmother's bout with lung cancer and I thank her for taking on the responsibilities she has. I am coming home soon to help you.

I am thankful for my friends and for their love and loyalty. Some of them old and some of them new.

I am thankful for this blog and for the people it has brought into my life. I have learned so much about courage and faith through all of you. I know that some of you ladies will be my friends for all my life. You know who you are :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sophia Jane's Doll...Baby Be Blessed

I was very excited when Sophia's doll arrived in the mail. It is made by hand by 'Baby Be Blessed'. What is so special about these dolls is that you choose every aspect of it yourself. I chose the softest fabrics for her body so that touching her would bring Sophia comfort. Her body feels like the softest baby blanket. I chose her dark hair in pigtails thinking this would hold up the best over time. This doll is one of their Asian styles, but I chose the wider button eyes because I do not know what Sophia's eyes will look like.

Along with the fabrics, you can select a Bible verse. Her Bible verse is one that is recited over and over by our youth pastor at church and I think it is wonderful, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart" Mark 12:30. And that is why she has a little heart on her chest. :)

To be honest, it was an emotional experience for me to pour over all of the fabrics and figure out exactly what I wanted this doll to be. I cannot control anything about my child right now. I don't know where she is or when she will come home. But I could do this. I could make this doll for my little girl, and so with all of the love and the pain and the need in my heart...I chose every detail.

Because these dolls are made by hand, it takes a little while to get them. I received an e-mail from the company (which I believe is two women) telling me that mine would be a little late and I responded telling them it was ok because my daughter was being adopted from China and she wasn't coming home for a while. I received a response that really was touching. These ladies pray over every doll for the child who will be receiving it. They were very moved that this doll would be going to a little girl coming home to her forever family.

Monday, November 24, 2008

How did I spend the weekend?.....I was getting ready for my big day!

Oh yes ladies, I have been glued to The Food Network, I LOVE The Food Network. I love to cook and bake and the holidays are my hayday. I don't get stressed, I get all excited to find new recipes and try new things.
Last year I was disappointed with my turkey. It didn't brown the way I wanted it to, so I am going to try something new this year. I asked Tim to find a turkey fryer for me and he did. So, for the first time we are going to fry a turkey. (Hopefully we won't burn the house down :) I'm pretty excited about it. I saw a turkey rub for a fried turkey that looks great on Paula Dean's Thanksgiving special.
Oh yes....I LOVE PAULA DEAN! She's by far my favorite on the network. I have several of her cookbooks.
I did some shopping and picked up my sweet potatoes but forgot I need more brown sugar. I got the celery for my stuffing but I'm having a hard time finding fresh sage for it. We know where we want to get the turkey, but we still need to pick it up. I can't seem to find a large butternut squash, just tiny ones. And I haven't decided on dessert yet. Any good suggestions?

Sunday, November 23, 2008