Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome to the Saturday Morning Chat Group!

Good Morning Everyone! I noticed that the leaves have started to change here, so I thought I'd put up a fall graphic. This weekend could be pretty busy around here. I am thinking that a lot of the boats and docks will be taken out of the lake because the weather is cooling down now. We'll see. It's supposed to be quite warm today.

I think things are pretty quiet in our blog community. It looks like there will be a little miracle for Susannah, the little girl whose family went to China to bring her home and found her very ill. I am so happy for them.

Alyson and Ford are still in China bringing Alyzabeth An home. It looks like everything is going well with them.

If anyone has any news or info, please share...that's why we all come together :)


Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank You.

This past week has been rough. The new SN shared list can break your heart over and over before you find your child. I think it is a good system, I am so glad that it is in place. But it can be a hard process.
I want to say thank you to all of you who encourage me through your own experiences, your comments and your prayers. Your lives are an inspiration. I have come to love so many of you.
I do want to send out some special thank you's for this week.

Thank you to my friend who listened to my heart, my suffering and my turmoil. Thank you for praying for me and holding my hand through this week. Thank you for pointing me to a specialist whose knowledge ultimately broke our hearts but saved our family from a dire situation.

Thank you to my friend who has worked and waited as long as I have. You listened to my heart and you sat across the table from me and through the tears in your eyes, you told me you want me to bring my baby home first. I want you to know that I know how selfless it was for you to be able to say that after all of these months and all of this hardship. I love you and I could not make it through this without you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Please Pray for this Family...

I received an e-mail yesterday from Laura/Lala about this family and my eyes just filled with tears when I read about their situation. I have seen many of you post about this and I had to do the same. Their blog has gone private, so you most likely can't read it yourself. This family went to China to bring their daughter Susannah home and found out that she is in the hospital in very serious condition. I know that they were trying to reach Amanda at Starfish for assistance. I was able to talk with Amanda last night and she was aware of this family and their situation and believed that they have her phone number. She had not spoken with them yet as of late last night.
This is a Christian family and they are calling out to God for help. They want to seek treatment for their child but cannot remove her from the hospital she is in until their adoption is completed. They are working both in the United States and China to get their paperwork expedited and it sounds like they are having some success.
Please pray for this family. Please pray for this child, that she can hold on until her family can get her the treatment she needs. Please pray for strength for these parents. Please pray for this baby girl's nanny who hasn't left her side in days. Please pray that everyone who touches the paperwork necessary to complete her adoption feels a sense of urgency.
If anyone hears of any updates, please let me know. This family is on my heart. I had seen so many of your comments on their blog. I have seen the power of prayer with this group. I am hoping and praying for a miracle.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Taking a Break...

I need to take a break. I will be back to the blog on Saturday. No need to worry about us, nothing is wrong. We are just facing a big week.