Saturday, October 27, 2007

Welcome To My Final Halloween Blog Make-over!

This is it~the last time that I am going transform the blog for Halloween. Thank you for all of your sweet comments. I love HALLOWEEN! I'm still going to post graphics, and I love it when I see some of them floating around blogland. So...what do you think about this look???
All I can say is....just wait for Christmas.

Welcome to the Saturday Morning Chat Group...

Good Morning Everyone! It's going to be a short chat this morning. I have to leave at 9:30am for Zach's hockey game. But please drop in and say hello. You all can talk with each other while I'm gone if you like. If there are any topics anyone would like to discuss or any questions that anyone has, feel free to bring your issues up here. I know that someone will drop by who can address them.
If anyone can recommend a good air purifier, please visit Amy's blog 'When Love Takes You In'.
I'm heading out for Zach's hockey game. I'll check in when we get back!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Pay It Forward...

This post is about the things that I have personally seen and experienced.
I received a package in the mail from someone I have never met and have not gone out of my way to do something for. She did it to pay it forward.
I received more cards when my mother in law died from on-line friends than from any others.
My mailbox overflows with well wishes and gifts from the heart. I keep every card. They are all displayed above my desk on a board with ribbons that I can place them on. They are priceless to me.
I got a duck in the mail to remind that this is breast cancer month and how important it is that I take care of myself. I also saw it sent out to many other friends. The coolest.
I have been included in sending needed clothing to an orphanage in China, something I would not know how to do on my own.
I have been included in raising money so that a family can bring their son home from China. An honor. I feel so good being able to help. And I have noticed just how many other families participated and it is just a beautiful thing.
I see pictures of children from all over the world who need a home posted and women who have never seen or touched them, trying desperately to help them find families.
At every babyshower, women come forward and send beautiful gifts to others, sometimes to families whose blogs they have never seen before.
Each time I have needed help, advice or information...someone has come forward to help...every time.
In my life, I believe that your close circle of women friends is critical. I have always surrounded myself with amazing, intelligent women who possess some of the same gifts that I have, but also who possess the gifts I lack. I depend on them for advice, strength and true friendship.
I have also done the same here in my blog community. I am blessed by each and all of you. I have grown and learned so much about what it is to be a woman, a mother, a human being and a citizen of the world. I have come to depend on you for support, knowledge and friendship. You have never let me down.
Truly, I don't know how I'd make it through all of this craziness on my own. Thank you for the inspiration.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Renewing Our Homestudy...

Our LID is Feb. 6th '07. Our social worker let us know that it is time to start re-doing our paperwork. We have to have new police clearances done, we have to be re-fingerprinted, we have to have the people who did our reference letters sign a document stating that they still stand behind what they said about us and we have to re-do everyone's medical forms. We also had to submit last year's w-2's and our tax statements.
The only ray of sunshine is that nothing has to be notarized and we don't have to pay for the new fingerprints.
For those of you with LID's close to ours, you may want to contact your SW and begin renewing your paperwork (if you live in the US).

We love you Sophia. We'll do whatever we need to do to bring you home : )

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Nancy!!

Happy Birthday to my great friend Nancy! Her blog is ASENND, and I'm sure she would love to see your birthday wishes!

100 Wishes Quilt...

I was working on Sophia's scrapbook for her 100 wishes quilt and discovered that I am very short on squishes. I still need to trade squishes with at least 30 more families. If any of you are working on your quilts, or would like to contribute a squish to our quilt, please leave a comment and I will get in touch with you.
This is a picture of our fabric and the cards that our wishes come on.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

Halloween Blog Contest!

As you all can tell, I love Halloween! I invite you all to participate in the Halloween Blog Contest. Decorate your blogs in any Halloween theme you choose: Classic Halloween Monsters, Vintage Halloween, Scary Movies, Fun Halloween, Pumpkins, whatever you like. The winning blog will be chosen on Halloween and a special prize guaranteed to add some spookiness and fun to your home will be yours! To enter to win, leave a comment with the name of your blog and I and some special judges will visit your blogs and choose a winner!

Baby Shower For Noah, the Son of Verna our Blog Fairy...

Please join us on Saturday, November 3rd for a Baby Shower for Noah James who is the new son of Keith and Verna! Verna is our very own Blogfairy and her blog is 'Families Grow Watch Ours'. I don't have a gift list yet, but I know that she is working on putting one together. We are not completely certain of Noah's clothing size, but believe it to be between a 2T and 3T.
Please go to their family blog for more information about Noah and darling pictures. I just love his cheeks! If you would like to support the shower, please feel free to copy the shower graphic and do a post or display it on your sidebar. Thank you so much!

Have A Great Monday!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Remember...

I was tagged by my friends at 'Imagine Alyzabeth An' to do the I Remember tag.

Here are the things that I remember:

I remember taking a bath every Sunday night and watching the Wonderful World of Disney, I would kiss the tv when Tinkerbell flew out on the screen.

I remember believing that my mother's volkswagon beetle was alive and a friend of Herbie the Love Bug.

I remember being Raggedy Ann 3 years in a row for Halloween. Loved her!

I remember seeing Ronald Reagan from a distance in Kansas City.

I remember George Brett signing my program in Royals Stadium with my hair in pigtails.

I remember pretending to be a tree, holding very still and moving my arms with the wind...and our dog Lady came by and peed on me.

I remember the day that Elvis died.

I remember the Lawrence Welk show, my Great Grandmother made us watch it along with Hee Haw.

I remember seeing Star Wars for the first time at the drive in with my family. I was swinging on the swings while watching it.

I remember meeting my cousins for Halloween at my Grandmother's house. We ran the streets for hours, no parents came with us, we got tons of candy.

I remember getting in trouble for talking a lot when I was in school...imagine that.

I remember my first love, Derek A. I met him in 8th grade at Presbyterian Camp. We shared a horse on a camp trail...who can resist a man on a horse? He made me a toothpick too.

I remember spending hours getting the feathers in my hair just right so I could go to the pool and jump into the water. Crazy.

I remember wanting to be a television reporter when I was in high school. That never happened.

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