Saturday, June 30, 2007

What We're Working on This Weekend...

Some friends of ours have decided to sell their 19' Four Winns boat. The only boat that we have right now is our metal fishing boat. So, we decided that we'd be foster parents to the Four Winns for the weekend and see if it's a good fit. Well, we spent 5 hours cleaning it out to Papa's approval level this morning and have been zipping around the lake. To say the least, Papa is happy and the kids are thrilled. I think we may have a new member of the family. I'll keep you all posted.

Saturday Morning!

Good Morning!! Hey there Steffie B.! I'm up. Still yawning, but I'm up. I'm heading to the coffee pot and then to start my Saturday Morning tradition of blog hopping. Stacy, you got the tea? If you come by this morning, please say hello and I'll hit your blog.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Red Shoes Are Out!

I'm speaking in code with me people...Ms. Dragonfly has put out the red shoes. I repeat, Ms. Dragonfly has put out the red shoes. DragonflyandLadybug

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Heart is the Foundation from which My Children Grow...

Last night I went fishing out on the dock with Tyler. He is very big on us spending one on one time together and I truly love his company. He was telling me about some of his friends who he had grown apart from this year and was really pretty emotional about it. We talked and fished for quite some time. It was a very tender time.
Zachary on the way home today was talking about the girl he likes at school. He's kind of shy about it, but I just love that he shares these things with me. We talk about life, love, friends and yes, even sex. I am so glad that I am someone he trusts to share his life secrets with and someone who he seeks out for advice.
Elijah is two, so his whole little being is about Mommy and Daddy. The nurturing, the comfort and the center of his life though is me. And I cherish every minute.
The most wonderful part of motherhood for me is watching my children grow and mature from infancy and toddler years, adolescence to adulthood. Each stage twists them through my heart and soul over and over again. There are times when they need me desperately and times when they pull away and seek their own identities.
My heart is always open and my soul is always yearning for their return. But I know the days will come when their visits will lessen and lessen. So for now, I'm fishing, playing with lego blocks and listening about the girl my son admires from afar.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Please Reach Out to Olivia and Trent...

Please reach out to Olivia and Trent at 'Getting Our Family Started'. Trent's 26 year old brother James Randall and his 7 year old niece Kennedy Beth have been killed by a drunk driver. I know that they would appreciate any kind words.

20,000 Visits!

Steffie B. let me know that today she was the 20,000th visitor to my blog. That seems overwhelming to me! Now keep in mind that hundreds of those are probably me, but it's still pretty cool. Thank you to everyone who drops in. I really enjoy you all tremendously!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Amy at 'When Love Takes You In' is asking for prayer.

Please join me in praying for Amy and Michael Christopher. Michael is having a difficult time finding new employment. Their blog is 'When Love Takes You In' and I know that they would welcome any uplifting comments. I have seen the positive impact that this group can have through prayer, so please join in.

2 Posts Today!! Kathy and Joel, Where Are You?

Kathy and Joel, What happened? No one told me you were going underground! I've been trying to get to you and I'm not in the circle of trust. I love you guys! Can someone tell them I want in?

My Favorite Summer Evening...

I am accepting Mr. Brian's tag to reveal my favorite summer evening. My favorite place to be in the summer is home. We live on a lake that I love in a home that I am completely devoted to. I love being outside and enjoying swimming, gardening and spending time with our neighbors who are some of our closest friends.

We spend a lot of time out on our brick patio. We have a fire pit and roast marshmallows. At night it is lit with candles and other patio lights. I just love it. I could sit there all night long with a glass of wine and the company of my husband or anyone else who happens to come over. There are no reservations at our house in the summer. We are guaranteed company, we just have no idea who it will be. The more the merrier!

Another of my favorite summer activities is spending time with these girls. I have known them since they were born except for Veronica in the white bikini top (she was 2 when I met her). She is my secret choice to marry Zachary. Shhhh...he'd freak out to hear that, but all mothers dream don't they? Tyler's in the photo though, he calls the girls his chicks and this is his 'chick magnet' pose.

That's it, this is my favorite place and anything that goes on around here is my favorite activity.

If you have not had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Brian, I encourage you to do so. He is a darling man who lives life to the fullest and loves the people around him. His blog is 'All in a days work'.

Ok, I tag Becky B., Terry, Cougchick, Doris, Jonni, Norma, Headmeister, Secret Agent, Connie and Carolyn.

Monday, June 25, 2007

You are Her Mother...

Her hair will smell like the sweetest lavender. It will slide through your fingers. Her tiny frame will require your care to nurture it to full health of body and soul. Her eyes will search you for the truth. Your kiss will tell her that she is claimed at last. She will smile. She will laugh. You will be enchanted. You are her mother.
Never lose the dream of her. Never let despair overtake you. The most incredible joy and deepest love belong to you, if you can only wait for the gift.

Quote of the Week...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Sad Day for My Church...

Today I cried in my church. I literally had to excuse myself and go into the ladies room. Today I saw something that I will never forget and something that I thought I could move on through and stay with my church family, but I just don't know if I can. This is the truth about what happened in my church.
We attend an old country church. It was built in 1905. Many members of the original families still attend. They are on the boards but are not the majority. Some of them decided that they were not happy with our Pastor and went to the Diocese requesting that he be re-located. None of this was announced to the congregation, there was no meeting and no vote. Our Pastor, not wanting a division in the church resigned and requested to be moved to another church. After all of this had taken place, a candy coated announcement was made to us, the members and body of the church that our Pastor was leaving.
It was only later that we discovered the truth of the behind the scenes activities that caused the lynching of our Pastor and let me tell you, it was a lynching. The most unbelievable un-Christian behavior. Trust me, you would be shocked.
Today was our Pastor's last day. I was in tears as well as many others. This is a great man whose heart is with the Lord. The man who baptized my children. When we brought Elijah to church for the first time, he came down from the pulpit and took him up to the front of the church and held him up for everyone to see and introduced him as the newest member of our congregation. He has prayed for our daughter in China and offered anything to help us. I love this man and so do so many other families. We have lost so much because of a few.
I just don't know if I can stay in a church where this happens. Today I am just heartbroken.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Good Morning everyone. We'll be going to church this morning to hear our Pastor's last service. He is moving on to another church which makes me sad. He is truly a wonderful man.
Then we will spend the day enjoying whatever comes our way. We have no special plans.