Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wait for the Lord...

Welcome Home to Your Forever Family Katya!

Welcome home sweet girl! Congratulations Rachael to you and your entire family on the adoption of your daughter from Russia. Your children look beautiful together.

Katya is second from the right with her new brothers Ben and Jack and her big sister Kristen.

Rachael's blog is 'Always Wanted Four'.

Friday, April 20, 2007

You See My Reflection...A Lot About the Real Me...

Lately I have seen quite a few of you revealing more personal information about yourselves in an effort to help us all come to know who you truly are. So, I am willing to do the same.
Here is my expose:
I am a Christian Woman but I am not conservative. I love God and I talk to Him every day. I live my life large and loud. There is not a Def Leppard song that I do not turn up, I enjoy a nice glass of wine and I have many juicy stories to tell about my life when I am an old woman.
My children are the essence of who I am. They are my heart and soul. There is nothing that I would not do for them or to keep them safe. That includes my daughter Sophia who I am waiting for.
My husband Tim is the quiet man who stands beside the loud independent woman and does everything within his power to make all of her dreams come true. I love him completely and worship the ground he walks on for making me so happy.
I am a loyal and dedicated friend and I expect the same in return. I am not an acquaintance type of person. That is not to say that I do not care for those around me because I truly do. But, I do not invest in relationships that are not the real thing. I do not worry or wonder about my close friends talking about me or betraying me behind my back-it doesn't happen and I don't do it. There is no room for lies or deceit in my life, if it becomes a habit, I'm done. Don't cry or send me cards. It's not that I'm angry, I'm just not investing anymore.
I am not the shiny happy friend who tells you what you want to hear. I say it like it is. I respect my friends who do the same. If you are in an abusive relationship, I'm the friend in your mans face. If your mother passes away, I'm the friend on a plane to be by your side. Whatever is going on, it's going on with me too-we're in it together.
I am dedicated to the evolution of women. I truly believe that each of us is on a journey of our own that involves our spiritual, physical and mental selves. Who we are in our 20's is not who we are in our 30's and may not be who we are in our 40's and so on. Life keeps coming at us and we're working through the good and the bad, which together is what is making us amazing women. I love to see women standing strong and overcoming adversity. I love to see their dreams come true and to cheer them through whatever comes their way. I'm on my own path and enjoy every kind word you send.
I am devoted 100% to the adoption of my daughter. I love my babygirl and I'm going to take whatever life lays before me, the good and the bad to bring her home.

Have a Wonderful Friday Everyone!

Through faith, we will find the courage to get through anything. That's all I can say about the rumors regarding the increase in wait time. I truly believe that we will not be hitting the 30 month mark, but if we do we'll make it through it. We have to, our children are waiting for us.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Congratulations to Loraena at 'life in oregon'...they are adopting twins!!

A big congratulations to Loraena and her family at 'life in oregon'! They are adopting twins who are due to be born this Saturday!!

A Perfect Family of Two...I am So Happy for you Liz!

I was just fine reading along Liz's blog and following her as she finalizes her adoption of Ava Grace. I was perfectly ok until I saw this picture and then I just fell into a pool of tears. Liz is such a beautiful person and I'm so glad to see her dream come true. I think that these two ladies look absolutely perfect together. Liz's blog is 'My Red Thread to Ava Grace YaHan'.

Congratulations to Julie at 'Wishing for Lia' for Receiving her LID 4/10/07!

Congratulations Julie!! I know that you posted this last week, but I wanted to acknowledge your special day. I sent Lia's quilt square out in the mail today!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Congratulations to Mommy Spice and the Entire Spicey Family for receiving their LID 4/17/07!

Wonderful News!

Congratulations to Mommy Spice and the entire family over at 'Hunan Spice' for receiving your LID!

Congratulations to Stefanie and the Beckering Tribe for Receiving their LID 4/4/07 Today!!!

Congratulations to Stefanie and the entire Beckering Tribe for receiving their LID today! Stefanie's blog is 'Never Too Many' and is on my favorites list.

Something to Applaud...Adoption Tax Credit Raised for 2007 in the US.

Great News! The Adoption Tax Credit Increased this Year in the US.

This is a post from Laura Christianson's Adoption Blog regarding the adoption tax credit.

Adoption Tax Credit Raised:Good news for those who are adopting or finalizing an adoption in 2007:The Federal Adoption Tax Credit limit is being increased to $11,390 for a child with special needs and the maximum credit allowed for other types of adoptions has also been raised to $11,390. You can exclude this tax credit from your gross income for qualifed adoption expenses paid or incurred by your employer under a qualified adoption assistance program in connection with your adoption of an eligible child.The credit begins to phase out if you have modified adjusted gross income of $170,820 or more and is completely phased out if you have modified adjusted gross income of $210,820 or more.Source: Internal Revenue Service

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Strong Woman

I just want to say how much I have enjoyed getting to know all of you. Each one of us is different in our own unique way, but the majority of us are united on the same path to our daughters. Some of us are ahead of others on the path, but we all do the best we can to help everyone along.
I consider myself a strong woman and you all help to keep me that way. I admire your honesty and your willingness and ability to share your thoughts and feelings. Everyday I see a snapshot of your lives and there is so much more of you shining through your words than you know. You are a very inspiring group of strong women. Have a great Wednesday!

Thank You to my Secret Buddy!

Big Thank You and Hugs to my Secret Buddy!
I really enjoy being a Secret Buddy and having one! It is a lot of fun to shop around looking for just the right thing to send that will be meaningful. It's also great waiting with anticipation for your gift to arrive in the mail and find something wonderful inside. I was thinking about it and with the wait being so long, I'll probably end up with everything I need for the baby by the time she gets here (just kidding). SMILE!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Have You Ever Met Someone for the First Time....Who Your Soul Already Knew?

Every once in a while when I meet someone, I get this feeling (I guess that it is more of a knowing) that they will have an impact on my life. When my husband took me to dinner for the first time, I looked at him from across the table and I knew that I was going to marry him. Also with my very close girlfriends I had this knowing that they were going to be pillars of support in my life.
I don't remember the first time I saw Stefanie's blog or the first comments that we exchanged, but I do remember knowing that she was going to be someone who I was going to come to know as a true friend.
We are meeting for dinner this Friday and I am so excited to get to see her for the first time. But, I already know her.

Thank you Stefanie for the wonderful cards. They mean so much to me. I can't wait until Friday!

Dear Lord Jesus..Accept These Souls Into Your Kingdom and Comfort the Families.

(CNN) -- A lone gunman is dead after police said he killed at least 21 people Monday during twin shootings on the Virginia Tech campus -- the worst school shooting incident in U.S. history.
"Some victims were shot in a classroom," university police Chief Wendell Flinchum said during a news conference in Blacksburg.
Police believe there was only one gunman, Flinchum said.
"Today the university was struck with a tragedy that we consider of monumental proportions," said university President Charles Steger. "The university is shocked and indeed horrified." (Map of Blacksburg)
The shootings mark the deadliest school shooting incident in U.S. history, topping attacks at Columbine High School in 1999 and at the University of Texas in 1966.
The Associated Press quoted officials saying more than 20 people were wounded. A hospital spokeswoman told AP that 17 Virginia Tech students were being treated for gunshot wounds and other injuries.
Sharon Honaker at the Carilion New River Valley Medical Center in nearby Christiansburg, Virginia, told CNN that four patients had been transported there, one in critical condition.
One person was killed and others were wounded at multiple locations inside a dormitory about 7:15 a.m., Flinchum said. Two hours later, another shooting at Norris Hall, the engineering science and mechanics building, resulted in multiple casualties, the university reported. (Campus map)
The first reported shooting occurred at West Ambler Johnston Hall, a four-story coed dormitory that houses 895 students. The dormitory, one of the largest residence halls on the 2,600-acre campus, is located near the drill field and stadium.
Amie Steele, editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, said one of her reporters at the dormitory reported "mass chaos."
The reporter said there were "lots of students running around, going crazy, and the police officers were trying to settle everyone down and keep everything under control," according to Steele. (Watch police, ambulances hustle to the scene )
Kristyn Heiser said she was in class about 9:30 a.m. when she and her classmates saw about six gun-wielding police officers run by a window.
"We were like, 'What's going on?' Because this definitely is a quaint town where stuff doesn't really happen. It's pretty boring here," said Heiser during a phone interview as she sat on her classroom floor.
Student reports 'mayhem'
Student Matt Waldron said he did not hear the gunshots because he was listening to music, but he heard police sirens and saw officers hiding behind trees with their guns drawn.
"They told us to get out of there so we ran across the drill field as quick as we could," he said.
Waldron described the scene on campus as "mayhem." (Watch a student's recording of police responding to loud bangs )
"It was kind of scary," he said. "These two kids I guess had panicked and jumped out of the top-story window and the one kid broke his ankle and the other girl was not in good shape just lying on the ground."
Madison Van Duyne said she and her classmates in a media writing class were on "lockdown" in their classrooms. They were huddled in the middle of the classroom, writing stories about the shootings and posting them online.
The university is updating its more than 26,000 students through e-mails, and an Internet webcam is broadcasting live pictures of the campus.
The shootings came three days after a bomb threat Friday forced the cancellation of classes in three buildings, WDBJ in Roanoke reported. Also, the 100,000-square-foot Torgersen Hall was evacuated April 2 after police received a written bomb threat, The Roanoke Times reported.
Last August, the first day of classes was cut short by a manhunt after an escaped prisoner was accused of killing a security guard at a Blacksburg hospital and a sheriff's deputy.
After the Monday shootings, students were instructed to stay indoors and away from windows, police at the university said. (Watch the police chief explain where bodies were found )
"Virginia Tech has canceled all classes. Those on campus are asked to remain where they are, lock their doors and stay away from windows. Persons off campus are asked not to come to campus," a statement on the university Web site said.
Before Monday, the deadliest school shootings came in 1966 and 1999.
In the former, Charles Joseph Whitman, a 25-year-old ex-Marine, killed 13 people on the University of Texas campus. He was killed by police.
In 1999, 17-year-old Dylan Klebold and 18-year-old Eric Harris -- armed with guns and pipe bombs -- killed 12 students and a teacher before killing themselves.
Copyright 2007 CNN. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Associated Press contributed to this report.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Monday Starts My Diet With Steffie...

Today starts my official diet. My goal is to lose 15 pounds in 2 months. I have a plan of what I am going to eat and how often I am going to exercise. I went to the grocery store on Sunday and bought everything that I need. I have the best diet partner around, Steffie from 'Never Too Many' and we're going to be HOT MOMMA's this summer!!

My Weekend Project...

I have spent this weekend getting prepared for my Yahoo Jan 07 DTC Group's Quilt Square Exchange. I have been cutting fabric squares and making the wish cards that I am going to send out. I think everything turned out pretty cute~

Dannye, Chynna's will be in the mail tomorrow. Jonni, I will have Sofia's in the mail tomorrow as well. Liz, I cannot bear for Ava Grace to have one that came unglued, so I made her a new one and it will be mailed tomorrow also.

If there is anyone out there who would like to exchange quilt squares, let me know!!

Turn Your Worries Over...

I really do this. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or worried by something, I ask God to please take this burden from me and handle the resolution. He always does.