Sunday, October 24, 2010

For Gail...Red Mary Janes

This morning I was helping Sophia get dressed for church.  She decided to wear a gray and red plaid dress and I was looking through her closet for matching shoes.  My eyes caught a pair that had been in Sophia's closet for years.  Before I even had a glimpse of who she would be, these shoes came to me.

I took them downstairs and as I slipped them onto her feet, the tears just started to well up in my eyes.  There was no holding them back.  Sophia asked me why I was crying.  I told her that a long time ago when I was waiting for her and trying to find her, my dear friend Gail sent these shoes to me.  I told her that they belonged to her special girl Grace and that they were sent to help Momma smile on days when she was missing Sophia.

Well, Sophia started to cry too.  Then Eli came up and asked why we were crying and I said..."shoes".  He raised his voice and said, "Good Grief!  Mom and Sophia are crying about shoes!"