Saturday, November 03, 2007

Welcome Noah James!!

Welcome to Verna and Noah's Big Boy Shower!
Verna is registered on-line at If you would like to participate in the shower, please send me an e-mail at and I will send you Verna's name and address which you will need to access the registry and send her your gift for Noah. The family blog is 'Families Grow-Watch Ours', please go by and leave some fun comments.
Please join in the comments to talk with everyone on-line who is at the shower. I will be checking in and out for new comments and e-mails.
Each 4th person to register for the shower receives a shower gift! They are posted on the sidebar if you would like to request something.
Shower prize winners!
Kim at 'Isabella Bison'
Amy 'When Love Takes You In'

Friday, November 02, 2007

Tomorrow is The Big Boy Blog Shower for Noah!

Tomorrow is the big boy shower for Verna the Blogfairy's little Noah. He is two years old. Verna is registered at Target. If you would like the information to access her registry, please e-mail me at I know that she is looking for clothing in sizes 2T and above. When purchasins jeans or pants, please check inside the waistband to make sure that they have an adjustable waist. You will see buttons and elastic on the right and left sides of the waistband. Their family blog is 'Families Grow-Watch Ours', I know that they would love to hear your good wishes!

If anyone would like to help support the shower, please do a post with the above graphic. I would really appreciate it!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Saints Eve...

Being the Irish family that we are, each year on the night after Halloween, we celebrate All Saints Eve. We light a candle for each person in our family who has passed on and we think about them and tell some of their stories. This year there is a new candle. We miss you Grandma Fran.

Some Halloween Photos!

This is Eli as Super Spiderman. He kept arguing with me that he was Superman, so we settled on Super Spiderman.

Eli and our neighbor Snow White.

We put flashing lights in the pumpkin and skeleton so that his Halloween wagon would light up!

This is Tyler and his teacher at his class Halloween party.

This is Tyler and his friend TJ who came over to trick or treat with him. Scary huh??

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blog Contest Winners....It's a Tie!

Wow, this was really tough. This is how the winners were determined: the celebrity judges (Steffie B., Mr. Brian and Christy) chose the blogs that they felt were the top 3 . I scored each of their choices and averaged them to come up with the top 2 blogs. One blog won the judges choice by one vote. Then I added up the popular vote for the top 2 blogs and the other blog won the popular vote by one vote. So...I went back to the judges asking for a tie breaker, but they could not choose between the two. So...the winners are: K1 and the Monkey King.
Congratulations!!! I will be sending each of you a Halloween Light Set. Please e-mail your addresses to me at

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. I hope that you enjoyed the contest. You did a fantastic job! We'll do it again next year.

Winners: I would be thrilled to see you post your award on your blogs!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Happy Halloween Everyone! There have been so many votes for the blog contest, I'll try to announce a winner today, but it may not be until tomorrow. Enjoy your day! Stay safe~and take lots of pictures!! I have Tyler's school Halloween parade this afternoon and tonight Eli is going trick or treating for the first time. Tyler is a spooky skeleton and Eli is Spiderman!

UPDATE ON HALLOWEEN BLOG CONTEST: 2 finalist blogs have been chosen, it was neck and neck when the judges votes and the popular votes were averaged. The judges have been asked to go back and re-visit the two blogs to make a final decision!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Blog Contest Update...

We have 12 blogs signed up to participate in the Halloween Blog Contest!
Here they are:

Bringing Maura Home
Finally Five
Journey to Baby Lem
Our Journey to Gracie
Parker's Paradise
The Monkey King
Makeup, Mess Up's, Me
Nipper Family of 4
Salome and Cael

Please feel free to take a look at the blogs. If you would like to vote for your favorite blog, you can e-mail me at We will be having some surprise celebrity judges!

If I missed anyone or if you would like to add your blog to the list, please leave a comment...

Votes are coming in, so please vote for your favorite blog. Also, leave them a word of encouragement when you drop in to visit...they have worked hard to create their creepy places in blogland.

There are 25 votes in so far, so send an e-mail to support your favorite!