Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Visit to the Cardiologist

This is Jason. He is a nurse who works with our pediatric cardiologist. He was very instrumental in helping us bring Sophia home. He is the man who answered my call for help and had me e-mail Sophia's referral information to him. He reviewed everything and had the cardiologist review it too and got back to us very quickly. I cannot say enough about this man.

As many of you know, I was hoping for a better outcome from this appointment but I am still happy that everything is ok for our girl. Sophia's heart surgery for asd/vsd should have been done when she was about a year old and wasn't done until she was almost four. The result is that her heart is slightly enlarged from all of the additional work it had to do to keep her alive. Our cardiologist said her condition is mild and he thinks she will grow out of it, but she needs to remain on her blood pressure medication for another year. She does not have an issue with blood pressure, the meds help her heart to relax and get used to working properly now that it has been repaired.