Friday, July 20, 2007

Welcome to Elizabeth's Blog Baby Shower!

Welcome to Elizabeth & Grace Ryan's Blog Baby Shower!

To participate in the shower, please RSVP by leaving me a comment with your e-mail address or sending me an e-mail at I will send you Elizabeth's address so that you can mail her a gift for Grace. Each 5th RSVP that I receive will be mailed a special shower prize. If you look at my sidebar you will be able to see some of the prizes, if there is one in particular that you would like you can make a request when I e-mail you that you have won. I am also open to giving prizes for comments for Elizabeth that bring a tear to the eye or a smile to the heart, so bust us up or make us sob! I will be posting the winners here throughout the weekend.

Let's do this right ladies. Let's shower this baby with gifts! I know that Elizabeth hasn't done a lot of shopping yet. Grace will be close to two years old by the time they have her, so E. is thinking that 18 month old clothing or above would be good. I will share her detailed gift list with you when I have your e-mail address!

Shower Gift Winners!:

Daleea at 'Jewels of My Heart'
Lala at 'Ladybugs and Dragonflies'
Dannye at 'LayDFrog'
Steffie B. at 'Never Too Many'
Carolyn at 'China Calling'
Nikki at 'Life with Lily Lin'
Glinda at 'Give Me Back My Slippers'
Kim at 'Isabella_Bison'
Dawn at 'Eggrolls and Chopsticks'

Preparing for Tomorrow's Blog Baby Shower...

This blog is under construction tonight so that I can prepare for tomorrow's blog baby shower for Elizabeth and Grace Ryan. If you would like to RSVP early to participate and for prizes, feel free to leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I will get in touch with you!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yes It's True...I have the Coolest Secret Buddy...

This month I received two gorgeous burp cloths and a set of silverware from my secret buddy. The burp cloths are decorated cloth diapers-look at those...they are way too cute!! She also made a donation to Half the Sky Foundation in Sophia's name which I think is the greatest gift of all. Thank you so much. I hope that you are able to reveal yourself one day, I would really love to know who you are. I am so grateful to you for making my secret buddy experience wonderful. I look forward to your boxes every month!

Grace Ryan...

I know that you all have already seen her, but you know me...I have to do a post. Congratulations to Elizabeth and her family on the referral of their daughter and little sister, Grace Ryan. She is such a strikingly beautiful child. I wish you all every happiness.
Their blog is 'DragonflyandLadybug'.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Book That Any Adopting Family Should Own...

Please join me in supporting Elizabeth's newly published book, Lovebug. It is a book for children about adoption. Whether your child is adopted domestically or internationally, they will benefit from this beautiful story. We all talk about supporting each other and our dreams. Well, this is my friend's dream, so please go to the link and take a look, I think you will just love it. Elizabeth has a son who was adopted domestically and is awaiting the arrival of her daughter from China. Her blog is 'DragonflyandLadybug'.
Click HERE to be linked to lulu to order your copy!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Monday, July 16, 2007

On My Mind Til Wednesday...

Making a wish and saying a prayer for you that all of your wishes come true on Wednesday. You know who you are...

2 Posts Today....Rocking Blogger Girl!

Thank you to Ashley at 'Absolutely His' for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award. It is my understanding that this award is for Christian Inspirational Blogs. I have seen many of my favorite blogs receive this award and am just thrilled to be added to the list.
I would like to pass this award along to Jane at 'Much Ado About Books' because she has never ceased to inspire me with her constant faith and devotion to God. I would also like for Amy at 'When Love Takes You In' to have this award. I really enjoy our Monday prayer group.

Missing My Best Friend Julie...

I called my best friend Julie last week just to talk. She lives near Detroit which is about two hours from me. She's been there for many years now, so we don't get to see each other as often as we would like. I actually haven't seen her since last fall. I told her that I felt like we were drifting apart and losing our closeness. She assured me that everything is fine. It's been on my mind. I always mean to go up there, but something always comes up.
I came home today and found this in the mail. She wrote me a wonderful note that I'm not posting. But I think you can tell from this just how much we mean to each other. I hope that each of you has a friend in your life who you can always count on and who has stood beside you through the best and the worst times of your life.

This is me on the left, Julie's little sister Lisa in the middle and Julie on the right.

Have A Great Monday!

The weekend is over and it's back to work. I'm looking forward to today, it's a going to be a relaxing one at work. Have a good one!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Morning Photos...

I'm going to quietly make some coffee and let these kids sleep. They had a big day yesterday of swimming and tubing behind the boat. We had 18 here for dinner since the Great-Grandparents and Great Aunt & Uncle dropped by. Lots of family fun!!