Friday, November 09, 2007

Have A Wonderful Weekend...

We will be visiting friends over the next couple of days, so the blog will be quiet. I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! If you would like to comment on some things that you are thankful for in your life, I'm sure that we would all enjoy reading them...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tyler's Teacher Conference...

Well, tonight was Tyler's Parent Teacher Conference. Usually I get a little knot in my stomach. You see, Tyler is my son who normally 'talks too much', 'doesn't focus', and 'doesn't complete his work with enough attention to detail'. So, when I go to his conferences, it's always with a little bit of apprehension. His grades are always good, but his behavior usually needs a little tweeking.

Until tonight....his teacher said he wasn't talking too much, he was doing a great job of paying attention in class and participating, he was responsible with his homework assignments, he was doing great in the 6th grade reading contest and a joy to have in her class.

I almost cried right there sitting in my short plastic chair. I still am beside myself. I hugged Tyler at least 4 times before we got out of the school, I kissed him at least twice and I don't know how many times we all told him how great a job he is doing. Parent teacher conferences include the child at his school. I just couldn't be prouder of him!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'm Falling A Little Behind...

Things are starting to get a little hectic around here. Zach's hockey season has begun. Tyler is playing tennis. Eli is potty training. Work is getting VERY busy. We are renewing our adoption paperwork. I am finding it tough to get to everyone's blogs on a daily basis like I used to .
Please be patient with me. I'm trying to visit half one day and the other half the next.
If something is
happening that you think I would like to know about, please drop me a line. You know I always want to be in on the news. I'm still here and I still care, life is just blessing me with a lot of great things that I need to be doing.
I just love these squished fairies. I'm feeling a little squished myself right now!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Check this Out!

I was doing my usual blog browsing when I pulled up Sara's blog 'Wish I May Wish I Might/Our Journey to Mia Lin' and I saw these shirts. They are so cool! She has an entire store at . If you already have known this for months, don't burst my bubble.
If I knew where it was in China that my daughter was coming from, I'd order one of these right now.

Anyway, I think these are great and she has so many more things at her site. Drop by if you have a minute!

9 months...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Sunday, November 04, 2007

November Fund Raiser...Please Help Verna Bring Noah Home.

Collectively we are a group that makes things happen. I see it more and more every month. We are finding new ways to raise money, collect clothing and other items needed in the oprahanges and we are supporting the families who are waiting to bring their children home. For the past two months, Verna has worked to raise almost $2,000 to help the Shockley family afford the airfair necessary to bring their son Ethan home. The Shockley's left today for China.
Now Verna is working to raise the necessary money so that she can go and bring her own son Noah home. Please join me in helping her. We all know that Verna is the blogfairy. She is hoping that there still are some of you out there who are looking for a custom blog make-over, headers or LID markers. She does a lot of wonderful work for the Seventh Diamond. Please do what you can.
Also, each of you has a special group of people who visit your blog. If you would be willing to do a post for Verna or display the ad below in your sidebar to help us reach out further into the blogging community, it would be very appreciated.