Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day Everyone.

To the mothers who can only hold their children in their hearts today, to the mothers who are more blessed than they know to hold their children in their arms, to the mothers of children who are grown, to the mothers of children who have passed on. And to the mothers who we can only hold in our memories. Bless you all this day my friends.


Saturday Morning!

I hope that you all are enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee and relaxing. I'm going to be planting flowers today and working in my garden. It's my Mother's Day Weekend tradition. I love choosing all of my flowers and potting them.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Ladies interested in attending an evening out in West Michigan, listen up! Friday, May 25th at 6:30pm we will be meeting at the 28th Street Yen Ching Restaurant in Grand Rapids, MI. If you would like to join us, please leave a comment. It's kind of the first informal meeting of the West Michigan International Mothers. Steffie B. from 'Never Too Many' and I look forward to meeting you!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Woman Who Smiles First...

I have never been the woman who smiles first. I'm the woman who checks you out for a while, waits to see what her friends think about you, waits a little longer....and then decides if she likes you or not.
I don't follow the pack, I make my own decisions regarding who I'm interested in getting to know.
If it isn't there for me, it pretty much never is.
BUT, I have decided to turn a new leaf and try to be the woman who smiles first. Those usually are the really happy women. I can't promise that I'll warm up any sooner, I'll work on that later if I want. But I plan on trying out the smile.
What kind of woman are you? Do you smile first?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

There is so much going on in our group....

I just noticed today how many hug posts I have on the blog this week. There are so many of us experiencing difficult times. I just want to tell each of you how amazing and inspiring you are. You are each so strong and gifted in your own ways. I hope that the days to come will bring some good news and renewed spirits.

Big Hug to Jane at 'Much Ado'.

I just want to say how much I admire this woman. She has been such an inspiration to me. Her LID was 10/12/05. Yes, the date has come and gone and due to some issues in the review room, she still has not received her referral. She has been told that everything is resolved and for the past several months she has waited hoping that her time will come. This month she again did not receive a referral. She never grumbles or shows any despair. She asserts her faith in God and waits for His perfect timing.
She challenges me to be a better woman and to walk more closely with my God. Her blog is 'Much Ado' and I encourage you to visit regularly.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Closet Challenge...

Jonni at 'Journey to Sofia' challenged me to show Sophia's closet. Well, truth be told, I haven't been purchasing much clothing for her yet. She has one t-shirt, two pairs of mary janes and a pair of slippers that my secret buddy sent her.
I get confused when I go to the store. I don't know what size she will wear or what season she will come, so it's pretty much paralysis by analysis.
I'm sure that when it's closer to the time when she will be coming that I will go on a girly shopping spree, but this is it so far.
Not very impressive is it?

Hmm..who should I challenge? If any of you would like to share your baby closets, jump in.

Sending Some Relaxing Vibes to My Friend Steffie...

I am sending relaxation vibes out to my friend Steffie. She has a large family like me and is feeling a little worn out. Just let me know if there is anything I can do for you girl. I'm available for a dinner out, a pedicure, shopping....whatever. You know how to get ahold of me.
Steffie's blog is 'Never Too Many', I'm sure she'd love to hear any relaxation techniques you all may have.

C.J. at 'Somewhere In China' is Looking For Quilt Squares...

I know that quite a few of you are still working on your quilts. I can vouch from personal experience that C.J. sends a wonderful square. If you want to trade, her blog is 'Somewhere In China'.

Big Hug to Stephanie at 'Zoey's Journey'...

I'm sending a hug to Stephanie at 'Zoeys Journey'. Her mother is facing a serious illness. I'm sure that she would appreciate our good wishes.
For some reason the post link won't work, but the one on my favorite blogs list does. So,please find her on my favorites list if you want to send good wishes her way.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Scrapbooking Weekend!

This is the log home that we stayed in while we
scrapbooked in the UP. It's called the Ritz. Below I am with my sister-in-law Trisha and my husband's cousin Jennifer.
Amanda, Kristen and Christie are eating breakfast. They are the scrapping Queens. I am referred to as the Sticker Queen since, I'm pretty much just capable of slapping on a sticker!
Marilyn in the yellow is our hostest! We are so grateful to her for opening her summer home to us! We had a wonderful time!

Congratulations to Kristen at 'The Sense In It All' for Receiving her LID 4/16/07!

Congratulations Kristen for receiving your LID! Kristen's blog is 'The Sense In It All' if you want to leave a note for her.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Enjoy your Monday!

I was supposed to report for jury duty today, but had great news! This weeks trials are cancelled so I'm off the hook but have to call in on Friday.
I will post some of my scrapbooking weekend pictures tonight. I had a fantastic time with some amazing women who it was great to see.

May 6th...Today is our 3 Month LIDiversary!

Today is our 3 month LIDiversary!!

Sunday Post....I am Home...