Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Your Blog is Fabulous Award!

Lea at 'Oh My #6' passed along this little award. Lea has been a constant source of support and friendship to me and I am so happy to know her. Thank you Lea!

Now here are the rules for this award:
1. Pass it on to 5 fabulous blogs, including the one that gave it to you (and link them).

Easy enough! I choose:

1. Kelly at 'Living My Dream'. Her friendship has been invaluable to me.

2. Nancy at 'Asennd'. Thank you for thinking of me last week.

3. Kayce at 'Stories of Life in the Middle of Adoption'. Thank you for reaching out to me on a dark day and turning things around :) I know you already received this one, but I had to give it to you too.

4. Kim at 'Isabella Bison'. Thank you for always staying in touch and investing in my life. I appreciate it more than words can say.

5. Kim at 'Kenward Blog'. I am really enjoying our new friendship. Thank you for always staying in touch and bringing me out into the open :)

2. List 5 of your fabulous addictions.....

1. Chai Tea, love it!

2. Computer solitaire...yeah, I play too much at night!

3. Chatting on-line.

4. Blogging....I don't think I'm addicted :) but for some reason my family does....

5. Sorry, I can't think of a 5th one.


OH MY #6 said...

Great post! My family thinks I'm a tich addicted too! What do they know?!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love it..
Thank you soo much..
You mean the world to me girly..
Have a great day..

Truly Blessed! said...

Wow, I'm so honored!

Maybe my friendship is "fabulous", but I'm not so sure my BLOG is!

Thank you anyway, dear friend.

Can't wait to celebrate the Year of the Ox 4072 with your family on Saturday night!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Your blog is fabulous Darrrling!
Congrats on your oh, so deserved award... how fun to read your list... I love Chai tea... epecially Vanilla Chai!
You are in my heart and my prayers.....
God's Speed

Kim K. said...

You are such a dear friend. Thanks for passing along the award. I'm so bad about following through on these things, but please know that I'm thrilled that you listed me.

I'm looking forward to our CNY celebration on Saturday! I can't wait to get our kiddos together again. Hugs.

Kayce said...

Kimberley you are so wonderful! Thanks you so much for our friendship and for your constant faithful outlook in life. You are a gem. Thank you again!

Keisha said...

Chai Tea.. hum.. I gotta try some! :)
Congrats on the award.. I think you're Fab Darling too!! ;)
Hey, I just added some REALLY cute bows & clippes to the website.
Let me know what you need! ;(
Ps.. my husband says I'm addicted to the computer.. Period!! lol! yeah right!

The Byrd's Nest said...

You're blog IS a fabulout blog. Anyone can see your heart just by looking at all of the prayer requests and causes you have listed here.

Big Hugs!

Oatsvall Team said...

you are fabulous !!!

Colleen said...

Your blog is fabulous!!!! I love visiting your blog.