Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keisha's Having a Giveaway at her Hairbow Blog!

Hi there ladies! If you love hairbows, here is the place to go. Keisha is re-launching her hairbow blog and is having a give-away.

Click here to head over and get signed up!


Anonymous said...

Some pretty snazzy bows!

(Thanks for commenting on Gram's site! I know she will be tickled pink with all the comments folks have left today! She worked so hard figuring out how to post...and it really is CHALLENGING with her very user-unfriendly WebTV set-up and dying TV set...not to mention that when you are 84, computer anything is pretty daunting! For a long time now, she has been getting such a bang out of reading blogs...and NOW she is learning how to comment and how to write on her own blog! Anyway, thank you so much for visiting her blog!!!)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Thanks girly..
You know me and bows..
Have a Great Evening..

Keisha said...

Thanks Girl!
You ROCK!!!
love ya!

lindanuts said...

Thanks for visiting me so regularly. I have been so out of touch lately, busy and bothered.
Love hairbows--signed up myself. Little Mya should be coming home by the new year. I'm sure she would love a bow from her Grandma...