Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to set up your blog reading list...

Ok everyone, this really is a great tool and it is easy to use....this is what you do:

1) Click on the B Blogger icon on the upper left of your blog.

2) It will take you to your dashboard...this is where you want to be.

3) Scroll down a little bit and you will see Reading List...this is where you will enter the blogs that you like to follow

4) Click on the add button and wait a few seconds...a box will appear for you to enter the address of a blog you would like to follow...enter it entirely in the box.

5) Hit next and it will be added to your reading list and each new post for it will come up under the all blogs heading, or you can click directly onto the blog name and see many recent posts.

You'll love it!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I have been loving this tool!!

It saves so me so much time each day!

Have a great day!


Gail said...

I love it too, so easy to use.

Anonymous said...

I have it, as well, on my dashboard, however (for me!) I prefer using the list that is in the side-bar of my blog and I love the way Blogger has improved it so that now it automatically puts to the top whatever blog has been most recently posted on...and you can choose whether you want just the Title of the Blog itself to show up in the list (takes less room) or the blog's title AND the most recent post's title, too or all that AND a thumbnail image of the first picture in the post or all that AND the first 100 characters in the post (several lines worth of the post). (Or, you can mix and match any of the above options!)

Another REALLY cool thing that I found on someone else's blog about three days ago was a thing you could put in your side-bar that shows your most recently received comments and notes WHICH post they were left on. It looked REALLY COOL...and I installed it on Gram's blog. It worked for about 12 hours and then disappeared! I went back to the blog I had first discovered it on and saw that hers was gone now, as, I think that must have just been an experimental option that Blogger was temporarily trying out...I'm keeping my eyes open to see if it comes back...I hope was pretty cool!

If anyone out there knows what I am talking about the "Comments" gadget that you could put in your side-bar just like a blog list or label list...and if you know where I can get it to put back on Gram's blog, please let me know! (I lost the original URL...didn't think I needed it since you could get to it by clicking on what you had installed....never dawned on me that what I had installed would up and vanish! Too weird, really!

Michelle said...

Yes...I am loving it, too!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

They are coming out with all new things..
This is a really easy way to see exactly when they posted..
Now you will be the
Have a Great Day..

3D said...

I am a Bloglines gal but the delays in updating are frustrating. Thanks for the 411 on how to use this new one. I may check it out.

Keep smilin!

3D said...

I am a Bloglines gal but the delays in updating are frustrating. Thanks for the 411 on how to use this new one. I may check it out.

Keep smilin!

jennifer said...

This has saved me so much time! It is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

This is such a helpful feature!

Kristy said...

I love it too!! Makes it so much easier!!!
Love, Kristy

Anonymous said...

Kimberly, I wanted to thank you so much for stopping by Gram's blog yesterday. She was so EXCITED to see that there were people actually reading her blog already! This has been such a challenge for her...learning how to navigate on Blogger...but she was positively BITTEN once she saw that there are friends out there dropping in to read her blog! She was do delighted by the comments that were left on her blog!!! Thanks again!!!!

k1 said...

Thanks for allowing me to enter your Halloween Blog contest late. And thanks for liking it!!