Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This Family Needs Some Encouragement and Prayer...

Please take some time to say a little prayer or leave a kind word for the Johnson Family.
They are Gwen Oatvall's in-laws and are working hard to bring home their daughter Savannah-Hope. I have become friends through e-mail with Savannah's Grandmother and she asked me to pray for her daughter. I know how comforting it can be to open up your comments and find a flood of good wishes.

This was taken directly from the Johnson family blog 'Johnson Angels'.

Due to the fact that we have still not received our paperwork and can't get any response back from immigration, I have scheuded an infopass appt with the immigration office for Wednesday at 1:45pm. This gives me the right to drive 4 hours to Memphis each way after three nights in a row of working the overnight shift, with four children just to sit in the office of someone that thinks my daughter is just another number. I will be taking pictures of Savannah-hope with me and a sack of documents proving that they have had everything they need to process the paperwork for the past 5 months...including my check for $850.

Cost of gas= $3 a gallon
Sleep deprevation = -8 hours
Waiting 5 months = patience
Frustration of waiting = Trust in God
45 mintue phone call to immigration = waisted minutes on my phone
Visiting Elvis' birth place= irrelevant and not going to happen
Bringing Savannah-Hope home = priceless
P.S. Mimi will be traveling with us to help with the driving and keep me awake. Please pray that God brings us a miracle and places the I-171H in our mail box tomorrow and saves us the trip altogether.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

I sure hope they get some answers....
My thoughts and prayers are with them...
Great post Kimberley..
You are always there in time of need...You are amazing..
Hugs to you..


thanks everyone for praying ...i can't wait to hold my niece ..

have talked w/MIL and she is very excited and thankful for the help!

jennifer said...

I will visit them and leave a comment. Thanks for posting.