Saturday, September 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Kelly!!

Happy Birthday to our girlfriend Kelly at 'Katie's Antics'. I hope you have a wonderful day!!


Truly Blessed said...

Thanks so much. I am!

K1 said...

RMJ, sorry I had to "post and run" this morning, but I was literaly on my way out the door to make it to work on time when I remembered I had to publish the posts for Kel's bday and Ruth's anniversary. Then I wanted to answer your question, so I popped over her. I made it to work almost on time (2 minutes late). Oh well, I stayed 5 minutes late so I made it up. One of these weekends I'll get up early enough to chat with y'all before I have to leave. said...

You are always so thoughtful. We are lucky to have you in our lives.