Sunday, May 18, 2008

Please Send a Hug to Robin...

Please join me in sending a hug to our dear friend Robin from RedThreadStitches. Her personal blog is 'Dreaming of Tea for Two'. She has been sick for the past couple of days and sewing around the clock to get her orders completed. Thank you to everyone who has placed orders. It has been amazing to see how successful her fundraiser has been. And also, thank you for your patience while she is working to complete close to 500 orders. I know that despite the success of her sewing campaign, they still do not have the total funds owed to their agency this month. So please, if anyone can make a donation to her cause, now is the time. She also has the IPOD raffle going on.
I know that uplifting comments would mean the world to her right now, so if you could please visit her blog, that would be wonderful. She is one of the gentlest souls I know here in blogland. If you are a praying person, please pray for their adoption journey.

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Roy and Lori said...

Hugs to Robin .... Hope
you are feeling better!