Friday, February 01, 2008

Starfish Supply Raiser...

Starfish Foster Home is always in need of small-item donations! Some things are just difficult to get in China. At the moment, we need the following items. Due to import regulations, it is better to receive new items.

  1. Long sleeved onesies or body suits from 0-3to 2T. We need some for next year
  2. Winter sleepers, the ones with covered feet from about 6-9 months to 3T.
  3. Any summer clothes, Preemie to 2T.
  4. Summer shoes from 0 to 6 children's.
  5. Vick's Baby rub
  6. Infant Motrin and Tylenol
  7. Gripe Water from
  8. Pelican plastic bibs
  9. Baby sunscreen
  10. Plastic backed changing table covers
  11. Plastic backed bibs
  12. Playtex Bottles (the ones with the bags in them)
  13. Playtex nipples (the have four different kinds some of each will do)
If you would like to help the Starfish Foster Home by supplying any of these items or any other items for small children, please leave a comment or e-mail me at
I will be collecting the items throughout the month of February and then mailing them to Starfish at the end of the month.

If you are not familiar with Amanda or the Starfish Foster Home in China, please visit their blog at 'Chinese Starfish'.



Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Great Post..

Carol said...

Yeah I tell you that Tylenol and Motrin are $$$!!

I'll join in!!!

Heather said...


Please email me and let me know how I can get items to you or to their resting place until they hit China...we are more than happy to help. Are you planning to assign people items to get or do we just choose and then send?

Thanks for your kind words on our blog today...such a special day.


Mob said...

I will definately help. I'll send you an email.

Gail and Dan said...

I'd love to help too, will be emailing you about it!

verna said...

Way cool buddy! I've got my stuff. Target has nice after Christmas items for really cheap. I'll mail them this week! It's things from the list. ~v

sea star said...

I would love to help. Shall I just pick off the list?g

Kim & Jeff said...

I'd love to help.... Anything specific that you need or want or just go off the list?

Ashley said...

I want to help. I've sent you an e-mail! :)