Saturday, August 18, 2007

The 5 Things Meme...Morphed into 20 Things About Me...

I have been tagged twice to do this meme, but I already did it a week or so ago. So, I guess I'll post some things you probably don't know about me...

1- I liked this show when I was a kid.
2- My favorite place when I was a child was my Grandmother's house.
3-My favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas.
4-I love chocolate chip ice cream, just plain chocolate chip ice cream.
5-At Starbuck's I always order Chai.
6-I have cut my own hair since high school. I don't let anyone else touch it (except my Aunt).
7-I am a cat person. I love our dog, but my soul bonds with cats.
8-I have big feet/size 10.5
9-I believe in ghosts.
10-I believe that people who have died can communicate with you through dreams.
11-I believe that personalities are passed on through families. My son Tyler has my personality.
12-I am extremely loyal to those I love, but if you are not, I can't deal with it.
13-I associate people and events to music. Most people I love have a song and most major events in my life have a song associated with them also.
14-Whatever is on my mind usually comes out of my mouth.
15-I tell it to you straight, I don't candy coat anything.
16-I am completely unable to suck up. Don't do it.
17-I can't pretend to like someone I don't. This causes me problems sometimes.
18-I can hold a grudge like nobody's business (I know it's bad, I'm working on it).
19-I'm a shunner, you'll know if I'm mad at you because I won't speak to you.
20-If you are in trouble, call me, I will get you out of it one way or another.


nikki said...

I am with you on the loyal thing, and not tolerating those who are not. I also have a tendancy to tell it like it is and not sugar-coat anything and I WILL NOT suck up! (no brown nose here.)

But remind me not to make you angry! (kiddin')

K1 said...

I match 6 of your traits: 2,5,7,8,11, and 12.

Sometimes I'm also guilty of #19, but really try to work on that.


ok i loved that one ... i love to find out who people really are because then and only then can God use you in peoples lives ... love the one about holding a grudge .... i think i could work on that one myself ...

LaLa said...

Remind me not to tick you off!!!!

I have that songs related to stuff thing going on in my head too : )