Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Depth of Friendship...

Depth of friendship does not depend on length of acquaintance. I do believe that this can be true. Although there is much to be said about the friend who knows the past, the good and the bad, the mistakes and the triumphs.
But does this hold true to the proximity? Do you have to be able to see them or physically be there?
Is it really friendship through this computer?
I will tell you that I have received a lot of support and kindness here. The people here are on my mind, I worry for them and pray for them. I smile and cheer for them.
I know that you all do to.
I can say that when I met Stephanie it was great. I have also seen different groups pick a middle point and get together.
So, what do you think? If we were all in a room together, would it be this way?


Mommy Spice said...

What I have found is that common bond of adoption that made my playgroup friends so dear to me. We are all different people, and I've wondered if we would be friends had we not shared in Chinese adoption. I don't really care. What I know is we are friends now. When talking to my husband about a blog I've read, I call "you all" my blogger friend. I think that because we are experiencing this adoption journey together, and experience similiar thoughts, emotions, ethics, priorities, joys and heartaches, we've all become "kindred" spirits. I do consider you friends whether we ever meet face to face.

Ms. Dragonfly said...

I would love to do the patio party.
I think it would be a hoot.
Or meet in Vegas?
I do hope to one day meet you and a few others.
Dunno how or when, but I think a few of us are having these thoughts, so maybe when the time is ripe, the idea will blossom.

Mr.Brian said...

I do not have the common bond of adoption like most of you do,however I feel like I am a big part of all of your lives.
I have gotten so much support and encouraging words because of the blog world.
I know I may never meet any of you but each and everyone holds a special place in my heart and in my life.I have cried as I read some posts.I cheered as I read some and I've laughed as I read some.But mostly I have found new people I would have never before known and all because of a friend of mine who adopted from China.
And to be able to support and encourage and pray for others as well as recieve it is a wonderful thing.
And I just love the idea of knowing we can all be praying and supporting each other where ever we live.Because our God is a mighty God!!!!
Who would ever had thought that a small child born on the other side of the world could bring so many peole together from so many different walks of life.

Anonymous said...

It would be fun to meet in person. Vegas like Ms. Dragonfly suggested. I think it would go well. We all have so much to talk about. Because of the adoption bond but also because on blog's it cuts the crap so to speak and we can get to the heart of the matter quickly. Sometimes I think my blogger friends know the real me better than others. Just not in person. It reminds me of that book by Oriah Mountain Dreamer about wanting to know the real you. Not the fake you that we all have. That is what blogging does for me.

Mr.Brian said...

I can tell people I've lost 32 sticks of butter that sounds inpressive.If I make my goal that would be a heck of a lot of butter.LOLOLOLOL
Thanks for the interesting way to look at it.

Stacy said...

I know that this process has opened up a world that I never knew possible. I can say that I am friends with people from different countries. I think if we were to all get together we would have a fantastic time. As in any large group I think we would find where we are comfortable and migrate towards that comfort zone. I also feel, though, that we will always have this commonality that will hold each of us together.

I am like you. I think about the women of the blogs I read. I feel that I know some of them, even though I may have never met them. This is a strange, yet wonderful feeling.

Hopefully one day we will meet. We can have coffee/tea together and catch up in person. :)

Jill and Jaap said...

If we were all to be in a room, it would be even better!

There is a Commadarie (sp?) and bond between all of us ---that is so hard to explain to someone from our non-bloggy worlds.

cougchick said...

Ditto to y'all. There is something about this bloggy wonderland that is unique because people are required to listen if they want to learn about another person and if they don't like what they hear they can just quit listening. The cool thing is that we all come back for more. The support is fantastic.

Truly Blessed said...


Can you imagine a room full of people full of love for God, each other and for the children of China? People who go to extraordinary lengths to bring some of those precious children home, and who would probably bring more of those children home if the process was easier or they had more financial freedom?

I imagine all of us in a room and the walls would be shaking from the excitement in everyone's voices and the passion and joy all of the room's occupants exude.

I'm so glad I'm a part of the adoption community!

Tracy said...

Very interesting post. I agree with everyone's comments. I live far from all of my family members, so I started the blog so that they could keep up with our lives. However, they only visit once and awhile and NEVER leave comments! Also, I find the blog somewhat therapeutic in the sense that it reminds me that I need to enjoy the little "everyday" things of life.

Andrew & Stephanie said...

I love how you think! :) I've found such a connection with many of my blogger friends. I've met some...and others I have yet to meet. But...I must say that after "years" of blogging together, thinking about each other, praying for each other, waiting for our babies together.... we have a bond. I know some might think it odd, but it's true! I think if we were all in a room we would have more in common than not...even though we all come from different walks of life! I think it would be a blast!

Doris & Dan said...

It would be even better!

I have had a gang in a room and it was astounding how great a time we had.

Keep smilin! said...

I too find there to be a great support system via cyberville. We are all different people from different parts of the country yet we have a common bond. Either through adoption or knowing (Mr. Brian) someone who has adopted or patiently waiting. Which as we all know can be painful and an incredible experience all at the same time. Well, for me anyway. I have met some wonderful people here and yes, I do call them friends. I now find myself reaching out a bit more where as before my children I was in such a rush there was no time to even say "hello".


Rachael said...

I wish all of my friends in real life would blog. I've learned so much about my "blog buddies" and have received so much support from you and others.

Steffie B. said... did I miss this post???? I love it....and the picture is fabulous! ;) Just like you! I think we need a blogger party....somewhere, sometime....I think we would all have a great time!