Friday, April 13, 2007

Russian Adoptions Are At A Standstill...

There seems to be some confusion as to whether or not Russia is open for international adoption at this time. I have a comment from someone who appears to be in the process of adopting from Russia and has some brighter news to share. Laura Christianson's blog is where my information comes from along with Elizabeth's post on her blog 'Dragonfly and Ladybug'.

This excerpt is directly from Laura Christianson's blog:

April 13, 2007

Russia Halts All International Adoptions

Russia suspended the work of all 76 foreign adoption agencies that operate there on April 12, 2007.

Russian sources say that foreign adoptions will be on hold for several months because the licenses of dozens of adoption agencies operating in Russia expired Wednesday and officials now have to consider applications for new ones.

Sergei Vitelis, an official at the Education Ministry's department in charge of adoptions says the delay is merely “technical,” and that there are no political motives.

Last year, Americans adopted 3,706 Russian children, making Russia the third most popular destination for international adoptions to the U.S. (after China and Guatemala).

International adoption restrictions are being put in place in other countries, as well. On May 1, China begins imposing more stringent restrictions on foreigners who want to adopt from that country.

And the U.S. State Department has also recommend that Americans avoid adopting from Guatemala, where they say fraud and extortion reigns.

In Fiscal Year 2006, the following numbers of children were adopted by US families:
China – 6,493
Guatemala – 4,135
Russia – 3,706

Source: Statistics on Intercountry Adoptions: “Infant Visas Issued to Orphans Coming to the U.S.”, US Dept. Of State Bureau of Consular Affairs

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Jewels of My Heart said...

That breaks my heart.... My son was born in Russia and I can't imagine my life with out him.... we must pray for all the children still there who are waiting for their Mommy and Daddys.... how very sad. I pray they allow INTL. adoption again soon.
God bless the little children.

Ktates said...

Russia isn't closed - unfortunately some of the news articles had poor word choices leading people to believe this. Russia has revamped the way they accredit adoption agencies to work in their country. Now agencies have to be registered as an NGO and also be accredited. Many agencies have been registered as NGO's and are waiting to be re-accredited - which they are requesting additional documentation for. The last few agencies that had a current accreditation - just had it expire in the last few days - hence the news articles. Many regions have been allowing families already in the process to continue independantly. Hopefully Russia will reaccredit these agencies soon! But it does not mean that Russia is closed to foreign adoption at this time....sorry for the lesson but I don't want people to be worried.
Karen - mom of daughter adopted from Russia and hoping for child number 2 from there as well!

ktates said...

I guess my point is that the Russian government hasn't deliberately put a stop to foreign adoptions. Many agencies are in the process of being reaccredited and that could drag out for several more months. I'm sorry if I confused you! I just don't want anyone to think that the country is closed like Romania is closed - kwim?

By the way I perused your blog after my comment and yours should be award winning - the graphics are great! Best of luck while you wait for your last diamond.

redmaryjanes said...

Please share what you know. I personally am not adopting from Russia, so you most likely have the best information.
I'm no reporter or anything but if I hear something, I like to raise a flag for the families who are personally involved so that they can do further research and be well informed on their individual situations.

Jeff and Michelle said...

International adoption can change by the moment. I was just talking to a friend who is adopting from Liberia right now, and they are hearing a lot of bad news as well. Apparently things are shut down for a couple weeks there to try to straighten up some of the problems.