Saturday, March 24, 2007

Show and Tell....

Tell me why you chose your blog name, your post name or a certain photo or graphic that is on your blog.
This should be fun, I saw it on a friends blog 'My Life in the Kid Zoo'.

I'll share mine:
My blog is 'the seventh diamond' which is named for my daughter Sophia who we are adopting. She will be represented by a seventh diamond on my husbands wedding band.
My post name is redmaryjanes: I love maryjanes and red adds a little drama!
The ladybug header reflects that ladybugs are a sign of good luck in Chinese adoption.

For some of you, the blog name is obvious, so tell us about a picture or graphic!


Nichole, Mia's Mommy said...

chose Through My Daughter's eyes...the story of Mia, because since Mia is legally blind it is an adventure to see things the way she does. It took quite a while to find the title that finally "stuck" And it is my favorite for sure. I don't have any thoughts of changing it any time soon. Our header picture changes every month or so and it is always a new picture of Mia. Since it is her story she needs to be the star. I use my screen name Nichole, Mia's Mommy, because well that is exactly who I

So nothing to extraordinary about it and all pretty self explanitory really. But I love it all the same.


Dawn and Dale said...

Our title is VERY original...."Journey to Annaliese"! lol ;)

I'll tell you why we chose the name Annaliese.

After 4 boys that start with a "C" you'd think we'd want another "C" name for her! We had chose Cierra but it just didn't feel right.

One sunday we were visiting Dale's family and attending their church that morning. During one of the songs, as I sang the word "GRACE" I started to cry like a baby! At first I couldn't figure out why I was crying.

Then I just KNEW her name had to be GRACE. Dh didn't really like GRACE and I had a friend who had just lost a baby that had named GRACE so I was really confused why that name was so strong in my heart.

Then we started to look up names that MEANT GRACE.. ANNA means Grace. We both loved the name Annaliese (we heard a young girl get called that one day).

When we looked up the meaning online we found out that ANNA means GRACE and that LIESE is a GERMAN name (which dh's family is) that means "Consecrated to God" Dale knew right away that that would be her name!

Great idea for a post!! And I LOVE that your hubby has adiamond for each kid!! VERY cool!

Elizabeth said...

My blog name:
Well I love dragonflies. I am mesmerized by them when I see them and luckily we have many here in the summer. I think they are so prehistoric and mythical.
Whenever I see one anywhere, even in a magazine, I consider it a symbol of good luck just for me.
The ladybug is the China adoption thing, even though I'm not totally sold on the ladybug symbol, it went with dragonfly well and by having 2 'bugs', they represented my 2 kids.
Also my blog isn't always adoption oriented and I may keep it after my daughter arrives, so I didn't want a name that just was about that journey.

Elizabeth said...

Oh one more thing I wanted to add, the winged lizard was just a photo I found while surfing for a nice dragonfly. I liked that it was mythical looking and original.

LIZ said...

I chose my title,"my red thread to Ava Grace Yahan" because of the red thread legend that states two people are destined to meet:myself and Ava, and the rest of the title is the name I gave her: Ava(which at first was just a name I liked but when I found out the meaning was "to live, to breath", I thought that was so suiting for a infant who is abandoned and fights to survive. I gave her the middle name Grace because of it's meaning:blessing from God, and I kept her given chinese name YaHan as it is her history.
I have the picture of a Lotus flower on my side bar because the Han part of her name means Lotus.
I use the screen name Liz because that is who I am and I am not very creative in thinking up anything else.

Mommy Spice said...

We are Hunanspice because our daughter is from the Hunan province. While spending time there, our reps explained that all of the girls are called "Spicy Girls" because Hunan is known for their extremely spicy food. The little girls are known for their spicy attitudes...and they aren't kidding!! So, since we don't use our real names, we are the Spicy Family: Daddy Spice, Mommy Spice and Spicy Girl. I'm not sure what we'll do when we get our next daugher if she's not also from Hunan. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Emma said...

Great idea for a post!

We wanted our URL and blog name to be the same. We chose 'Checking Boxes' after three hours of trying all sorts of names that were already taken in Blogger. I had a dictionary out and a Chinese dictionary and was just going through words/phrases one after the other til we finally got one that was still available!

We have so many requirements to meet (in Australia adoption is through the Government, there are no agencies). There is such a huge list of things to get through, so Checking Boxes is fairly appropriate to capture the process of 'getting through the next requirement'. We celebrate each step of the way (or each box we can check!)

We have a picture on our blog of some Chinese characters. They are the characters for 'family', because that's what we are on our way to becoming!

Kristen said...

My title "The Sense In It All" came from a line in my favorite song. Five For Fighting, The Riddle. It's a very special song with a lot of meaning to me. It seemed fitting, at a time when I was discovering what was important to me in this life. That being, becoming a mother, even if it meant doing it alone.

The header usually has a butterfly theme, mostly just because I think they are the most beautiful creatures. Then just my mug shot as my icon... I know that I like to put faces to the people I talk to.. so I wanted to do the same.

Thats it... great post idea!!

Kathy and Joel said...

Very cool topic! Ours is "Building A Ladder of Hope". Many years ago, my best friend was experiencing infertility and after having had a miscarriage and then finally achieving a viable pregnancy, I found a card to send to her that had a picture of a ladder reaching up to the clouds and a caption which read:
"At last the ladder which had been slowly built, one dream at a time, reached up to the clouds and the dreamers began to climb."
My friend had it framed and it still sits outside her daughter's room. I thought it was an appropriate caption for our journey as well.

Undercover Angel said...

My blog is My Life In The Kid Zoo and I chose the name because with so many kids my house feels like a Zoo sometimes. My username is Undercover Angel, and I chose it because I love the song by Alan O'Day (when I posted that fact on my blog, he read it and emailed me).

There is really no story behing the graphics on my blog. Va Va Voom designed it for me and she picked the graphics but I think she did a wonderful job.

kris said...

Well, my header just changed to one of my favorite "bebe" photos, from a series taken over thanksgiving at my sisters. The doll was left behind by my BIL's niece, and she carried that doll EVERYWHERE. My BIL has a dry, weird sense of humor, and I'd find it each day in a different location and quickly began placing her in strange places too- we tried to out-do each other with every placement, and some were hysterical and we thought the pics were pretty funny.

The one I am using in my header borders on being melancholy to me- she's looking out that window with her crooked shirt and tag hanging out, and her "mom" (BIL's niece) had left her behind. But it also looks really hopeful, like she knows that what she's waiting for (getting back home) will happen and she's excited enough about it to sit and wait.

Since I have a long wait ahead of me I thought it was a great choice for my header. A lot of people are creeped out by her, but I've grown to love that little bebe.

kris said...

And I might add that "The Mad Race for Macey" was coined while I was paperchasing to beat the May 1 deadline, and it has stuck. Maybe it should be "The Long Wait for Macey" now, but "mad race" just fits!

Dannye said...

Well I chose Laydfrog b/c well isn't it obvious, I'm a "Lay-d" and I LOVE frogs...and my photo is a queen frog (kinda like a queen bee but a frog), see there is a reason for the you couldn't guess this huh?? hehehe

Jeff and Michelle said...

My blog title was chosen when another blogger I visit, Margaret, had the template on her blog, which she had just designed and she was offering it. It was perfect because it had a fortune cookie on it and we are adopting from China. I still wasn't sure if it was the right blog template, but suddenly, the title, "Fortunately, Family" popped into my head and I liked it! The day we finished our paperwork for the adoption, we celebrated with dinner at a chinese restaurant. My fortune cookie said, "Good News will come from afar", and I was able to have this added to the original template.

Catherine said...

Not very exciting here. My blog started out as just 'Catherine's Chatter originally. I've been teased about how much I talk my entire life and quickly realized it would prove true on my blog too. Added 'Waiting for Hannah' after I announced my daughter-to-be's name.

Graphic? I love gerbera daisies and when I asked CJ to redo my blog this is what she did. Love it!!

Joannah said...

My blog - Just for Jillian - is mostly about my life whilst pursuing this adoption. At times I've felt like I'd do almost anything, just for Jillian.

The rose theme comes from my love of roses. I chose my icon because I'd love to be a lady of leisure tending my roses while enjoying their beauty and sweet fragrance.

Krista said...

CJ (aka Connie) also designed my template after I explained how I wanted it to look. My header background is the fabric which my daughter's nursery bedding is being made from. I love it! It's my favorite colors (pink & green) but also has the lucky ladybugs. I sent this fabric to those I exchanged quilt squares with so they will always be reminded of me when they see it in their quilt. :)

The blog title "A Million Miles To Mia" was just catchy and since it feels like that's how far I'm going to get her (& how long it's taking to get her) it fit.

Cool question. I like reading everyone's thoughts on how they came up with this.

Lisa said...

What a great topic. I just linked on over from Kathy and Joel's blog and thought I'd join in. I named our blog Red Threads and Ladybugs. I know that through this adoption many people have been involved along the way. Social workers, agency workers, govt. worker as well as family and friends who wrote reference letters for us. I feel like the story of the red thread that after each person we go through we are shortening that thread and bringing our Sienna home soon. The ladybugs, well as we all know that it's good luck and they represent adoptions being completed. So bring on the Red Threads and Ladybugs.

Janet said...

Okay, you are going to think I am totally pathetic, because I have no graphics or pictures or anything. Because I don't know how! :-( Feel sorry for me yet? :-)

Terri @ In His Hands said...

I chose my title In His hands because it's so true that our lives are in His hands! My faith in God is paramount and anytime I get down or feel lost I remember that He is in control.
The graphic is a paper mache globe that my son made in preschool.

Carolyn said...

ziI'm really behind in my blog-reading. Thanks for putting on the post about the Alberta situation!!

My blog is called "China Calling" & it was really my husband who came up with the name.
I had decided in December that I would enter the "bloggy world" & I was trying to think up a good title for it. About that time, our adoption agency was expecting a new WC list and it was hoped that direct CCAA referrals would come in as well (which is how we thought we'd get matched with our son). So, I - like a lot of others with our agency- spent a lot of time checking the yahoo groups, checking e-mail, and, yes, even checking our phone messages (well, you never know- the agency could leave a message!). I was going out to lunch with my husband one day & asked for his cell phone to check our messages at home. He tormented, "What are you doing- checking to see if China called?" Haha. But, that was it- the name for the blog!

Shannon S said...

Great stories. My blog, Elena, r you? is named after my niece's favorite phrase when playing hide and seek. "[where] are you?" 13+ months later I'm still asking this question!

Kristine and Shawn said...

"Butterfly Kisses and 100 Good Wishes" is the title of our blog. Butterfly kisses were what my parents always gave us each night and we can't wait to give them to our daughter.
The Butterfly also symbolizes this adoption for us - the paperchase is the caterpillar stage, right now the wait is the cocoon and then we will become a full fledged family - the butterfly.
The 100 good wishes came from the quilt I am making (and I was requesting squares at the time) but it also represents the wishes that we have for our daughter.
A little sentimental I know but it is what was in our hearts at the time.

Cari said...

I popped over here from Kathy and Joel's blog as well.
My blog is oh-so-original -- 'Journey to Jordyn' (my future daughter's name! I chose Jordyn, because as a teacher, I had originally liked a whole bunch of names, but then as I taught children with those names, had to throw them out! I've never taught a female 'Jordyn' and I like the sound and spelling. I think it's a good name for a little girl, and an adult.
I admire all of you creative, computer savvy people for all of the cool graphics. Alas, I'm tied to the templates that the Blogger gods give us!!


cougchick said...

My blog title is "Hearts to the East" which is self explanatory but it does not include the feelings of my Hubs who doesn't feel the same. My boys are just patiently waiting for their sister from China but we are stuck in limbo until my Hubs and I can come to a conclusion. Also, under the new CCAA regs we no longer qualify so why is it that I am "certain" that my daughter is waiting for me in China? Check out my blog. It 'splains most of it.

My blogger name is "cougchick". I am a graduate of Washington State University and an avid Cougar fan.
My picture was taken with Butch the Cougar who was voted Mascot of the Year this year!

Go Cougs!!!

a&mg said...

We just figured we are on quite a long road to our daughter, Jade, so we came up with The Jade Road. I think the pic in our header also goes with how much we love to be out on the open road. Nothing too puzzling in ours:)

amy said...

We dont have a header yet because I have no idea how to get one. The title of our blog "When Love takes YOu In" is the name of a song by Steven Curtis Chapman which opened our eyes to international adoption

Dolores and Shawn said...

What a great topic. Our blog is Watch Our Family Grow. After years of seeing everybody else's family grow and ours stayed at two (just Shawn and I), it's now our turn. Even though it's slow in coming, our family will grow.

Janet said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I'll have to give putting a picture on it a try......:-)

Sandra said...

I just changed the header and name of my blog to "The Daily Grind". It is a spin on my love for coffee and the story of my stay-at-home life with two girls. My experiences of the daily grind with two girls. My favorite color is burgundy, so that is where the color came from.

Fun topic!

Kim :) said...

I found you from Kathy and Joel also! My blog is "My Children: Three Men and a Baby" - Pretty obvious and not real original, huh? We have three bio sons that have turned into men right before our very eyes... and will have a baby as soon as China matches us with her! Fun topic... thanks!

tracy said...

Ours is "Our Unforgotten Daughter" because it was the first entry in my journal that I began for her way back in the stone ages. Though our life has moved forward, we have never forgotten that our daughter is in China.

Connie designed my blog and all I knew was I wanted a beach theme since that's where we live. She asked for a family photo and did all the work herself. I take zero credit, she's the amazing one.

Daniella said...

Our name is so not original - Journey to Miranda Rae - I actually don't love my blog layout at all and want to change it but don't have the time/energy, etc. to do it- really want to find someone to help me with this. Love your name and meaning behind it.

Norma said...

My blog is Bethany of China because I decided to name my daughter Bethany and, well, she is in China!! I finally figured out how to put a picture in the profile. I love pandas - partly because they are from China but always have liked them. My picture is a mama panda cuddling her baby. Just what I want to do with Bethany! I haven't got very creative with my blog yet. BTW, what is Sophia Jane's song - I tried to search YouTube but couldn't find it.

Truly Blessed said...

My blog is called "What's Katie Doing Now?" because that seems to be what everyone is interested in these days! Katie's our 15 m/o daughter from Guangdong, who joined a family of Mom, Dad & 3 big brothers.

My blogger name is Truly Blessed because I am exactly that -- such a blessed mom/wife/child of the King.

I don't have any cool graphics on my blog (still haven't quite figured out how to do that) but my ID photo is of our darling Katie Bug, all dressed for a COLD Michigan winer day (poor kid came from the tropics in China to the cold, frozen North on the other side of the world to live!)

Fun topic!

secret agent said...

Hi, came over to play from Kathy and Joel

My last blog got attacked--a redneck member of DH's family attacked me on my own personal feelings.
so "loud Secrets" seemed appropriate for my new blog
it's loud--full of ranting and it's a secret from my In-laws

Doris & Dan said...

I chose 3D's Adoption Journey because our names are Doris and Dan. Our furry baby is Daisy. We are known as '3D'. The blog is about our journey to our daughter. We have chosen a 'D' name for her so we are then officially going to be "3D & 1/2" The half being our Daisy dog.

The fab CJ designed our blog layout. Purple is my signature colour of sorts so I wanted that. The gerbera daisy is because of the purple and daisy for our Daisy. And ladybugs everywhere because I love ladybugs even before starting our adoption and had them in my house all over. Coincidence that they are important in chinese culture...or a red thread of sorts?

Our insignia when we comment is something that I found online and love it due to to sentiment of the blog and the colour...purple.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea. I chose our title. Because with 4 kids our house is a zoo and last name starts w/ a Z. So zizooyou. Not sure where the you comes in?? I think zizoo was already taken so I added the you. Not very exciting but true. Our blog header picture was taken on a beach in MI where I am originally from with all my kids. I just love the back pictures.

Anonymous said...

"Three Dumplings" because it seems to describe my three little ones. (Though their grandfather suggested "Three Little Savages" would be a bit more accurate!)

My favorite photo is the one in the side-bar that shows the three of them together...the oldest and youngest looking a bit bossy (as they ARE!) and the middle one looking downright ornery (which he is)! Something about their body positions and expressions in that photo just SHOWS so much about them and their relationship to each other.


Shandra said...

I have two girls already and we are adopting a third from China which we are holding a red thread for in our hearts. The header graphic is 4 ladybugs for the special girls I have in my life.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

I chose Eggrolls and Chopstikcs becasue those are the nicknames that we have given our girls prior to referral. Since I come from a superstitious family their actual names are not used until we see their faces.
Graphics.....not on my blog. Me not so techy

Panda-Mom said...

"Pandapalooza" just popped into my head when I started my blog because of the Giant Panda being from China and of course, our PandaGirl was adopted from China three years ago. Our header picture was on our Christmas card this past year. I had to add the Chinese character for "love" so as to show the beauty of the calligraphy. On my profile area I have John 1:14 from the Bible written because I adore this verse of Scripture. It so blatantly tells us the truth of how God became incarnate through His son Jesus and shows that life was happening in the heavenlies long before the creation of the world.

Thanks for having us do this. FUN! BTW: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the name Red Mary Janes. I love both of those things, too. ; )

Rachael said...

I'm jumping in with the comments late in the game here, but I've been a little behind on my blog reading!
I chose the title "Always Wanted Four" because now that we're adopting our 4th child (we have 3 bio kids) I'm finally admitting I always wanted 4. I come from a big family and can't imagine not having one myself, but most of my friends only have 1 or 2 kids at most and think 3 is quite a brood! But I think secretly they all suspected I wasn't stopping at 3.

nikki said...

Oh my gosh, I step away from my computer for a few days and I miss SO much!

Anyway, my blog title Life with Lily Lin is self explanatory...when I started it I was very new to the computer world and didn't have a clue what I was doing, so being clever was out of the question. But, that IS what my blog is about. Life with my girl, and it's a GOOD life.
My look is always changing due to my "blog fairy" friend Verna.
Keeps it interesting.

Moggy said...

My blog name is "My Life is a Cartoon" and I have a little diary with cartoons of myself. I have drawn little cartoons for a while and it's just for fun.

My name on the blog is "Moggy" - not my real name, but it is becoming my nickname and I do have people who call me that now.

Mark & Michelle said...

Our blog is called "Waiting for Pumpkin". When I was little, my dad used to call me Pumpkin and I figure that I would probably call my daughter Pumpkin.

Our "picture" is the Chinese characters for Pumpkin - Nangua - South Melon.

Anonymous said...

"The Moon is Always Female" is a Marge Piercy poem that speaks a very feminist message. I have always loved it. Since we will be getting a gal from China, I thought it was a good title.