Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ladies...If you are looking for someone to swap quilt squares with...Liz is the Bomb!!

Thank you so much Liz!

My neighbor lady pulled up in front of the house and got out of her car with a beautifully wrapped package. I had no idea what it was until she handed it to me and I recognized the name. Liz sent me this beautiful fabric square, with a ladybug cell phone charm and 2 darling bookmarks! There was also a beautiful picture of Ava that we will cherish.

Liz's blog is 'My Red Thread to Ava Grace YaHan'.


Stacy said...

What great fabric! All of the goodies, too! Liz is a very special person!

Dolores and Shawn said...

What a great package to get in the mail. It's a real pick me up getting such special treats in the mail.

Tracey & Mike said...

We got ours today too!! Love it!

LIZ said...

Glad it arrived OK...and that you liked it.

Norma said...

Hey, she didn't send me the cell phone charm - oh wait, maybe it is because I already have one! I love that poem!