Monday, February 26, 2007

You are with Kindred Spirits...Make your presence known

I started this blog because I felt an overwhelming need to communicate with other women who were mothers. Mothers adopting like me, mothers of babies like me, mothers of toddlers, grade schoolers, high schoolers, like me.

Well, I have achieved that goal. I have met wonderful women who are all on a journey to or through motherhood.

I look at my neocounter every day and am thrilled over the scrolling lists of visitors from places far and near. I wonder who you are, coming by to see what's happening in my life and in my head. You are very welcome here, but I wish you would share who you are with me.

Are you adopting? Are you a mother? Do you have questions that I could help with? You don't have to be a blogger to talk with me, I accept anonymous comments. Just click on the comments and say something-give me a little picture of you since I have shared so many of me and my life. If you leave an e-mail address, I will mail you.

If my blog isn't exactly your cup of tea, I can personally vouch that each of the women on my favorite blog list is an excellent person. She is loving, kind and has helped or supported me personally in some way. Reach out to them. They have excellent answers.

Right here is the best adoption support group and motherhood support group you could ever hope for. Come and meet us.


Kristen said...

What a nice post!!! :o)

Stacy said...


I am going to be a first time mom when we go to China ~ one day. :)

I just found your blog last week, and I really enjoy it.

You are so right, this is the best support group around ~ the bloggers.


Mark & Michelle said...

I am here - but you already knew that!!

LIZ said...

What a lovely post...I am going to be a first time mom very soon...just waiting for my TA to bring my daughter Ava home...hope to hear any day now!

C.J. said...

What a sweet and genuine post from the heart!

I am looking forward to following your journey and family for a long time to come.

Melissa said...

very sweet post.
when I look at my site meter, it always drives me crazy that some people never comment, esp. when you see the same person visiting everyday.
It's okay though.
You know me.
I have 3 wondeful kids.
2 sweet step kids.
1 awesome hubby.
2 perfect dogs.
and a whole lot of bloggy friends!

nikki said...

It is a wonderful group we have here, and I am so grateful for it.

You rock! And I am so glad we are getting to know each other this way.

Hugs, from me and my sweet Lily!

tracy said...

Hi! It's me! Mom of many!

I know what you mean when you see so many people visiting and so few comments. I want to post and say, "Come out, come out, whomever you are!" I love when lurkers come out of the dark, it's so wonderful to meet different people.

LaLa said...

Hey..delurking here. I have a beautiful 2 year old from China and we are currently waiting for our Dossier to go to Vietnam for our second child.
I know what you mean about seeing all the people looking at your blog without comments..of course my blog is usually just a lot of photos of my girl : )

Steffie B. said...

Wonderful post....I can't wait for a Saturday lunch. I feel your beautiful spirit in everything you write. I so enjoy coming to your blog on a daily basis. I'm excited to be going through this adoption journey with you!

Anonymous said...


I am Jennifer. I live in Baton Rouge, LA. I thought your post about New Orleans was hysterical. That place is crazy this time of year. We stay as far away as we can! It is actually much better since Katrina because not as many people come.

I found your blog through Shana's blog. I too, am waiting for a child from China. We are still in the Dossier process. I also have three home grown boys, ages 10, 8, and 6.

I am working on a blog of my own, but haven't quite figured it out yet.

Love your blog,


Jane said...

What a great idea for a post....and so beautifully written! Well, you know me! :) Waiting to adopt from China, missed the last batch of referrals despite having a Oct 12th 2005 LID. Reckoning with our paper problems, we won't make the next batch either...but still holding out and know, like you and all waiting mom's....our day will come! :)

Susie said...

I loved that post! I think that lots of people feel a connection through posting and sharing comments. I have to say that I especially like your blog. I can feel the depth and the sincerity of your posts, that is harder for me to do. Keep it up!

A Special Family said...

What a wonderful post, my sentiments exactly!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I completely agree! I love that I've met so many different people, all so supportive and kind. And all going through what we are.....all trying to navigate the rather murky waters of adoption....:-) Waiting isn't so bad when you can all do it together....:-)

Janet T.

redmaryjanes said...

It's great to see your post! Visit and comment often.

cougchick said...

LeeAnne here.
I happened on to Tracy's blog which led me to many others. You can check out my blog if you would like (to show that I am not a stalker). It's new for me and I'm not sure why I need to update it because I don't have a date "out there" to get my baby from China. I just know that she is there....I have become sucked in the blog vortex.... LOVE IT!!!

redmaryjanes said...

I would love to check out your blog but did not see a link on your profile.
Let me know where to find it.
Thanks for commenting!

Norma said...

You know me - you have been to my blog, at least. Like LeeAnne said, I have been sucked into the blog vortex! I, too, love it as it is a great support group.


travel mates of steffie / nikki .. mother of 2 bio-boys, one princess from china and another on her way home.. we are dtc and hoping for lid soon ... the only way i made it through the first adoption was walking and talking with other mothers who had gone before me .. i am open to answer any questions and never tire of talking about the wonderful spiritual journey of adoption.

cougchick said...

can't figure out how to link the blog to my profile. Grrrrr....I am getting super frustrated with this blogging stuff. Email me @ and I'll give you the scoop on our "reject status"...

Rachel said...

Well, actually you found my blog and that's how I found yours, lol.

I am a mom to three girls, ages 6, 3, and almost 14 months. One day I hope to have just one more and would like that one more to be a baby boy, but I'd take another girl too!

Rachael said...

Hi from a fellow Michigan Mom! Love your blog, just started reading it, so couldn't resist your convincing invitation to de-lurk! We're adding to our family through adoption too (Russia) and I found your site through another adopter's blog.

Terri @ In His Hands said...

What a lovely post!

Tawni said...

I am with you on this one - mind if I copy and paste?? :)

I love, love, love blogland. It has been such a godsend during this long wait. I love my bloggy are one of them!!!

redmaryjanes said...

I definitely consider you a friend and you can cut and paste away. I don't care if people take things from my blog, I copy things off of other peoples blogs all the time!

Truly Blessed said...


Another Michigan adoptive Mom checking. I have four wonderful kids, our princess (14 months) from China, a two middle schoolers and a high schooler (the last three are boys).

I'm enjoying your blog, and have seen your posts on others'. You're welcome to come on over and see What Katie's Doing Now at