Thursday, February 22, 2007

Things in Common

My Aunt and I are very close at heart but live hundreds of miles apart. One thing that we do to tie our lives together is have the same things in our homes. These are some of the things in my Aunt's house that are also in mine.
We love the egg kitchen collection.

Ok, I don't have this exact set-up but: the heart in the cage is also in my kitchen and in my Grandmother's kitchen.
The matching frog in my house was given to me by my Aunt when Tim and I were engaged. The frog's mouth opens and inside it is a piece of paper where she wrote, "it looks like you found your prince".

My Aunt is an artist, she paints and does stained glass.

We read a lot of the same books. I bring my favorites to her and vice versa.


Stacy said...

LOVE that idea!

The frog is so cute. Very clever aunt!

Tawni said...

Where do you two get all of that neat stuff? I love it!

nikki said...

That is so great!
my aunt buys us stuff to start collections.
Jay and I have a beautiful cross collection from her and she has started a cute ladybug collection for Lily.

Mamacita Tina said...

Beautiful items to decorate the house. Love the frog, very sweet.

Melissa said...

I am soooo lovin' that frog!!!
I have dragonflies and frogs in Ava's room, where did your Aunt get it?

Amy W said...

My friend back in Virginia and I share the same thing on our mantles. It's a great idea.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

I am not a reptile person, not one little bit, but that Froggy is really lovely!

You have such nice doo-dads in your home.

Amy said...

I think it must be so wonderful to have an aunt you are close to. I'm so far away from almost all my family! Have a safe trip home! It seems like it was a really wonderful time!

Steffie B. said...

That first star is a Stick's piece isn't it????????????

A Special Family said...

Beautiful post, wonderful things!!

Loraena said...

You must be a fan of "Wicked". My husband and I got to see it this past fall and LOVED it! I've seen a lot of musicals, but this is definitely at the top as one of my favs.