Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Friends who fall into the cracks in your life

I received this silver cup with my sons initials on it as a gift from my friend Karen when Eli was born. She was a close friend of mine while I was in college. Actually, I have known her since I was 18 years old. We used to spend a lot of time together. There was never a falling out or anything that went wrong. But over time, I just let her fall out of my life.

My friend Kim who I have known since 8th grade, I speak to her maybe once a year at Christmas time. We send each other cards with pictures of our children. I stood up in her wedding. How did I let our friendship turn into a once a year phone call? How did I let her slip out of my life?

My friend Diana. We went to college together and were inseparable. I was in her wedding. I can't remember the last time I saw her. I know that she has never seen Tyler who is 11. I have never seen any of her three children. She lives 20 minutes away. What is wrong with me?

I have had the privilege of having some amazing women as true friends, but then I just let the friendships dwindle away to nothing due to a lack of contact.

Today I planned a dinner with Karen. I am going to her home in 2 weeks and I am bringing my husband of 3.5 years who she met briefly once in a Macaroni Grill lobby. I am also bringing my children so that they can play with her children. I am also bringing my camera.

Today I am writing on my calendar every 3 months to call Kim. I don't want to call too often and freak her out after all of this time, but I am going to invest in that friendship.

Today I am going to find Diana's number and call her.


Elizabeth said...

I find it kinda weird that you did a post on friendships that have dwindled. I was thinking of doing one too. I have friends that have just faded and when I think about them compared to the ones that are active in my life I think, friendships should feel effortless for the most part. When those friendships started to fade I tried to hold on tighter and found that didn't work. Other friends have exited and re-entered of their own accord. Some pick right up where they left off. Women's friendships are a special thing and I am very blessed to have the ones I do. For me I have learned that they cannot be forced.
On another note, I would never catch my hubby posting about friendships. It's a women thing. It makes me stronger.

tracy said...

This is a post that hits home. I know exactly what you mean by letting friends slip away. After my good friend, Mary Lou died, I vowed to reconnect to all of them and I haven't. Life's wheels just keep turning and we get all caught up in it.

Doris & Dan Clark said...

That is a great attitude to take. I have expereinced losing touch and tragedy striking and losing that person forever. I do not wish that on anyone.

Keep smilin!