Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Advice Please...Eli does not like his new big boy bed.

Eli was getting close to being able to climb out of his crib, so we decided to buy him a new big boy bed. We took him shopping with us to pick out his bed and new bedding. He picked out the Cars movie bedding and I thought we were in good shape. We came home and put the bed together, he was thrilled. He jumped on the mattress, laughed and smiled. But when it came time to actually sleep in the bed, he became hysterical. He cried and yelled, it was horrible. I had to hold him until he fell asleep and then transfer him to the bed. He was up throughout the night. Last night was a little better, but still crying.

Does anyone know a good way to help him transition? I never have had this problem with the other children. I put his Tigger, Momba from Happy Feet and his baby blanket with him, still no good.


Beckyb said...

That can be so hard - but I think you are doing the right thing - keep putting him back in and reassure him - Chloe likes a little music too - would he go for that?!?!? You are doing great - some just transition a little tougher than others - Our oldest never wanted to go from long to short sleeves or vice versa - still makes me laugh to think about it!!!

Anonymous said...

I never had that particular problem with any of my children...so, don't have any tried and true suggestions!

Do you mind if I add your blog to my blogroll listings?


Carolyn said...

Ah... bedtime. We co-slept with our kids mostly, and they moved out when they were ready- (NOT at age 12 as my MIL & SIL warned!!)- but they still come back for visits from time to time! Usually when they're feeling a bit off about something.
I think I'd give it a week or so and if he is still upset, then I might give him the crib back. But I doubt it would come to that.
We "read" our kids to sleep still. Would that help, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

I had this problem with my daughter. It was so difficult, but we just kept putting her back in her bed and telling her she had to stay there. It seemed like the hardest thing to go through - she screamed every night for the first week or so, but it all ended after 2-3 weeks. It's almost 2 years later now and it seems like forever ago - it will end!