Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I was Hungry Momma...

It has been almost a year now since Sophia came home.  A beautiful wonderful life changing year for all of us. When I see my children together, their bond is so strong that it is hard to believe that there ever was a time when they were apart.  I don't like to think about that time.  The time when my daughter was in orphanage.  I don't like to think that I was not there for her for the first 3.5 years of her life.  It tears my heart out to think of all that she endured.  Some of the pains are written in scars on her tiny body that I pretend not to see, that I pretend do hot hurt me.  We live our lives for the present and the future.  
But every once in a while she and I talk about China.  And yesterday she told me that she was hungry when she lived in China.  And it pained me so much to hear it.  I knew it.  I had always known.  When she came home her hair was like straw and she was so small.  There were no full cheeks and huge dimples like there are today.  It hurt me so much to know that my baby had gone without the necessity of food. 
Now that she is home and happy and playing dress up, it is easy sometimes to forget where she came from.  But it is so important that I do not.  That I do not forget where I have been and what I have seen.  It is so important for me not to get too comfortable in this house and life with my completed family.  I need to keep working for the orphans just as I did before Sophia came home.
So today, I dressed the twins in their 147 million orphans matching shirts to remind me and those around me of the children who need help every day.  There are children who we can reach and impact as individuals by working with real people who we know and trust.  147 million orphans was started by a very good friend of mine who changed my life by her love and faith.  If you have gotten too comfortable and need to remember what you have seen and where you have been...go to  Buy a shirt and feed a child dinner.  It's that simple, you buy a shirt, you feed a child in Africa dinner.  It is a direct one to one correlation.  


Kim K. said...

Beautiful post, Kimberely. It's painful to think about our children's past. The food hoarding that Josie used to do the first six months was insane. It's important that we're honest about it. I bought one of those shirts last year and proudly wear it. I love the conversation that it stirs up.

We're celebrating Josie's 2 year heart surgery anniversary this week. I've got Andrew linked from my heart reflection post on my blog. Hugs to a fellow SN heart Mommy!!

Carla said...

It breaks my heart to think of all the children all over the world going to bed hungry and with out a mom or dad! (could be why I have sooo many kids) You post is beautiful! thanks for raising awareness!!
Your little Sophia is just precious and looks wonderful! I am thrilled she is HOME!!!

Shirlee McCoy said...

Thank you, Kimberley. What a touching and beautiful reminder.

Holly said...

Girl! I cried just reading the title.
So hard.
I too want to forget about my son when he was an orphan.
But God uses that pain for good.
Standing with you,

amy said...

Love this post and the pics!!!

Kim said...

KyLee and I sooo wear our shirts all the time. .we just got some new ones.. I wore mine when we had our hair cut on Sat. and got asked about them 3 times..
my hairdresser wants one.. she can't wait to meet Isabella.. we so want to go over to Africa together..
Love this post..
Love ya girly..

Kristy said...

Beautiful post........

Love and blessings, Kristy

Jewels of My Heart said...

A painful and beautiful reminder of reality........ Thank you for sharing. So thankful your Sophia is home and her tummy is full....
So thankful for 147 Million Orphans and the work they do for the children in Uganda.
God bless you friend,

Debz said...

Amazing isn't much our girls have changed in such a short time...I have yet to get Sugar to talk about China, hopefully one day.
147 Million orphans....and to think I first seen Sugar Pie's face on a website advocating for waiting children the day before our adopotion coordinator presented us with her file.....tell me God's hands weren't all over that! 147 Million orphans in the world and we seen her first!! We serve an amazing God!
Love your post RJM....I need to get some of these T-shirts.

Dita said...

I cannot imagine what Sophia Jane endured those 3.5 years without you and her family. It breaks my heart to hear her tell you that she was hungry in China.

One child at a time....I'm headed over to get a T-shirt......


mommy24treasures said...

Oh how hard to have to hear her say she was hungry... I am so thankful she will NEVER be hungry again and not have food available.
We support 147. I think Kate is SO AWESOME! She inspires me so much...
I pray you have a wonderful Mother's Day with your beautiful family.

Mardi said...

I never come away from your blog without being inspired. Thank you for this post and for keeping the fire alive in all of us..