Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Bailey Collection...only on the All Roads Lead to You Auction to bring our Sophia Home

The Bailey Collection has been donated by my dear friend Sharon. I cannot thank her enough for her kindness and generosity. Her blog is 'And Bai Li makes 3' At one time, Tim and I saw the file of her beautiful daughter Bailey, but we were not meant to be her family, Sharon's family was. I met Sharon by seeing Bailey's familiar photo and following it to her blog. She has been a wonderful friend ever since and it has been a sheer pleasure watching Bailey grow in the love and happiness of her new family. Thank you Sharon for helping us bring our daughter home :)


Remember this dress?

It's now available to bid on.
Proceeds will go to help The Seventh Diamond family
travel to China to bring home their Sophia Jane.

This was one of the two 'dream dresses' I had hanging from my fireplace mantle in my bedroom where I could look at them every night before bed and every morning when I woke up for almost the entire 9 months I was waiting to go to China after we had found our Xia Xiao (Bailey Alexandria). I had spent so much on them that John was a little put out but sometimes, well.
This time last year, we were getting to ready to leave and I was almost ballistic with excitement. Those of you who have followed this blog for awhile know that Kimberley could have been matched with Bailey if things had gone a different way. Now that she has been matched finally with her own little girl in the Red Mary Jane's, Bailey and I would like to do a little something to help bring this China sister home.


'Le Pink' from Paris
Very light weight and fun to wear. Size 24 months

This dress ended up being a little small for Bailey even though I had brought it all the way to China for her to wear. She wore it a total of two hours to get her passport and then has never had it on again. It is basically brand new. I have been hanging onto a few lovely and meaningful things for sentimental reasons that I have finally decided is silly. If someone else can enjoy them now and we can raise a little money for a very near and dear to our heart's cause, then, as hard as it is to let them go, that is exactly what I should do. I know I will get a lot more enjoyment putting them to good use than allowing them to collect dust and looking at them every once and a while.


"God could not be everywhere, so he created Mothers"


My brand new sister in law, Kari gave this to me so you can imagine that it is hard to part with but I will put this in with the Le Pink dress if you come back and tell me that you have linked "All Roads lead to you" blog (Click here) and this post of mine here in one of your posts or on your sidebar so your own followers can find out about this fundraiser.

Also if the bid for any item of mine is over $25.00 then I will pay for shipping. Otherwise, it will be what Kimberly has set at $5.00 extra.

This item will close at 5pm pacific/8pm east coast, tomorrow 4/24/09

The Bailey Collection...Disney Outfit


This is an adorable Disney outfit that Bailey will not grow into for a while. It was a gift from a very dear friend of mine who I know will understand it's being used for this effort. It is brand new with the tags still on and comes with a little white cotton camisole under the frilly blouse. It is a size 4/5, runs a little big.


This item will close at 5pm pacific/8pm east coast, tomorrow 4/24/09

The Bailey Collection...Hobo Bag Gift to Highest Bidder on the Bailey Collection Items...

Another thing I will do to help make this effort successful, is to send a very nice gift to the generous, giving person who ends up with the highest bid out of all these items of mine. Kimberly will put these donations on her all roads blog also for her followers to bid on and you should bid there too but please leave me comments under this post telling me how much and on what item you would like so I will know which one of you to send the gift to. I assume you will pay Kimberly directly through paypal but I will ship it.


Many of you may remember this hobo bag too. I picked it up in a tres chic boutique in Beijing. I used it while in China and then not since I came home so it is just very gently used.


The Bailey Collection...Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Garden Vista Print Dress

This is Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Garden Vista Print, size 4T shift dress,(runs a little small) brand new and you can start the bids at $1.00. Hope you win!!


I love these colors and the elephants!


Please consider it and leave me a comment then check over at All Roads lead to you for more guilt free shopping. But don't bid on that tutu, that's mine!! ha-ha... kidding...mostly.

Bidding for these items will end at 8pm east coast time/5pm pacific, Friday night, 4/24/09


This is a little silk purse that we picked up for Bailey recently in China Town. She ended up getting a little silk drawstring bag also and she doesn't need both. I will throw this in for free for the person who ends up winning the Lily Pulitzer dress if the bid ends up going over &50.00.


This item will close at 5pm pacific/8pm east coast, tomorrow 4/24/09

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