Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank You.

This past week has been rough. The new SN shared list can break your heart over and over before you find your child. I think it is a good system, I am so glad that it is in place. But it can be a hard process.
I want to say thank you to all of you who encourage me through your own experiences, your comments and your prayers. Your lives are an inspiration. I have come to love so many of you.
I do want to send out some special thank you's for this week.

Thank you to my friend who listened to my heart, my suffering and my turmoil. Thank you for praying for me and holding my hand through this week. Thank you for pointing me to a specialist whose knowledge ultimately broke our hearts but saved our family from a dire situation.

Thank you to my friend who has worked and waited as long as I have. You listened to my heart and you sat across the table from me and through the tears in your eyes, you told me you want me to bring my baby home first. I want you to know that I know how selfless it was for you to be able to say that after all of these months and all of this hardship. I love you and I could not make it through this without you.


Steffie B. said...

Oh have me know how much I want you to experience this journey....if it is meant to be...we will travel together...and if not...I want you to go before me so I can cheer you on and be there at that airport when you return home with your precious Sophia. I love our are such an awesome woman and I am so very grateful to have led together through this journey!
Hugs to you sweet's one of our phones will ring!
Have a good weekend....

amy said...

YOu are so loved. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us again!
YOu are prayed for!

Kim Kenward said...

I'm praying for you and Steffie. I hope the phone rings in both your homes soon. As a mother who finally got a SN child, I can relate so much to your frustration. Please know that I'm thinking of you both.

mommy24treasures said...

I know its hard. I am so glad you just keep looking to the prize at the end as Paul said. I admire your strength and determination to find your daughter.
Hope you have a good weekend.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I want to say something to make you laugh or to encourage you in some way, but I just can't think of anything profound or witty. Hugs to you. I know it's hard.

Amy said...

I was actually thinking of you today...I still think this is your month! I pray that you will see your daughters face this month! Bless you, I know its been such a long road.

Kayce said...

Kimberly, you are such a wonderful woman and SO blessed! I'm so glad you have the support of good friends to help you through. HUGS!

Christy said...

I am so glad you are doing better. It is a hard thing to see all those babies and your heart just aches for them. It is tough. Stay strong and lean on others in this time of need.

Christy :)

Gail said...

I've been thinking of you all week after your Monday post about taking a break. It will happen Kimberley, it will. I promise. I'm sorry this is so hard. You will find your little girl. You are always in my prayers.


cougchick said...

hang in there friend!

Truly Blessed said...

You know I am always here for you -- to laugh, to cry, to yell at, to pray with and to complain about the injustices in this life -- you know that, right?

I firmly believe there are some things we won't be able to understand until we are face to face with Jesus in heaven and can ask Him (of course, we won't need or want answers when we're face to face with Jesus!) and I think the events of these past couple of months are some of those things. All I can think is that you are supposed to be learning from these things and that God is making you a better person because of them.

This journey is so emotionally exhausting and overwhelming, I know, but you will see your sweet Sophia's face soon, and when you do there I will be standing beside you, crying tears of joy that you're so close to your daughter -- I just can't wait!

I'm thankful to call you my friend.

Linda said...

You will receive your wonderful blessing in good time. Don't get discourged!! All good things come to those who wait and you do have such a beautiful family to comfort you. Your little one will be with you when the time is right for your family and for her. Have patience and I know we will all be sharing your Joy sooner then you think. So many people are praying for you and love you. When the time comes it will be spectacular!! Linda

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I am sooo sorry my dear friend..
So glad you have Steffie there with you...
Hope you find Sophia soon..
I love ya girly..
I sooo wish I lived by you two..
Thinking of you always..
I am sending tomorrow..

Chelley said...

what can I say that hasnt been already said?

Your friends have such wonderful love for you!

You know prayers will be said for you and your family!!!

Nikki said...

I'm so sorry that you had such a rough week - and I can only imagine the heartache you've experienced.
I'm so glad that you and Steffie live close enough to one another to help each other thru the roughest times...what WOULD we do without our sweet friends?

Praying for your family.

Michelle said...

I am sending hugs your way. I cannot imagine how difficult this wait must be.

mommy2gabby said...

Sending prayers and thoughts your way! It must be very hard to go through every month.

We sent off our paperwork to USCIS to reapply for our I600. So we are back on track.

I wish our agency was on the electronic system for SN. If not we will cont. to wait for our precious girl.


LINDA said...

I don't know what more I can add, Kim. You know God has a plan. He doesn't give us His schedule but He gives us faith . We must continue to hold tight to that faith. Trust in Him, Kim. He will provide you with peace and comfort. There are many of us out here that pray for you and the adoption system in general. Sophia is waiting for her forever momma and daddy, just as you are waiting for her. Even if she hasn't been born yet, she is waiting for you because God has put her in your heart.... Have faith....Much love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,
Sorry to hear about your hard week. This can be a very difficult journey, but as hard as it seems right now I'm sure it will be all worth it in the end.
Hang in there.

Lori said...

Hey Kimberley! You are so blessed with so many special friendships!
I hope you have a great week ahead! :)

Denise C said...

I am thinking of you and lifting you in prayer every day! You are so precious Kimberley...and I just love you to pieces, too!
I cannot wait to see your precious little blessing in your arms on Gotcha day! I will be rejoicing right along with everyone else who love you!
Thanks for being the special person that YOU are...and for doing so much for so many! You are a blessing!!!
p.s. Tell me how your grandmother is doing....I have had her on my mind today.

jennifer said...

Hang in there, girl. It will be so worth all the heartache. I can't wait to see you finally get your precious daughter.

Alyson & Ford said...

My heart breaks for all who have room for children in their lives yet must wait. So sorry.