Monday, December 01, 2008

We need Heatmeiser in Michigan!

I was supposed to leave this morning at 7am on a flight to Cincinnati. I received a call at 4am to tell me the flight is canceled and all other flights are booked solid with people trying to get home from Thanksgiving. We are in the middle of a snow storm that has dumped 6 inches from what I can see on top of minivan and is supposed to continue all day today.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas for sure!

Keep the e-mails coming for the Christmas Exchanges, we are going to have a really nice group of ladies this year!


OH MY #6 said...

OH no! Enjoy your snow day!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sorry to hear that your flight was cancelled..
But just think you can stay home in the warm house..
and do some FUN stuff..
Have a Great Week..
It is finally getting in the high 70's here..

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Sorry to hear you couldn't get your flight out!!

Have fun with that snow....we could use a little around here....nothing like those little white flakes to put you in the Christmas spirit!!

Take Care,


Kim Kenward said...
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Kim Kenward said...

As much as it isn't convenient, it was absolutely MAGICAL taking Josie outside to experience her first snowman and sledding experience yesterday. I posted video and pictures. We had a hard dragging her inside.

I wondered if your flight would be delayed. Stay warm, my friend.

Gail said...

Sorry your flight was cancelled, stay warm and inside. :)
We are also getting snow, guess more is coming your way.

kerri said...

Sorry about your flight..
We are also getting the snow too, stay warm and enjoy the start of the snowy, festive season..

Carol said...

We got 6 inches of rain....and man I'm sick of it!!!

We are so ready for some SNOW! Here in MD we get less and less each winter...I wonder if we will ever see a snow storm again!

Now that said.........bring it on!!!

Nancy said...

Snow...That would have been so pretty to wake up to this morning.

PS - Those in MD be warned. We were there 4 years. The 2nd or
3rd year we were there we say 20 inches in one storm, and 10 in another. They were totally shut down for almost a week!!!!

Truly Blessed! said...

We loved having the snow day today -- the boys thought it was great to extend their Thanksgiving break by a day (and are crossing their fingers about another ice/snow day tomorrow -- which is conceivable, I suppose, since I just took out the trash & recycling and it is ICY outside!).

Anyway, glad you didn't have to go out in the mess and got to stay nearby instead (MUCH better than being stuck IN an airplane pushed back from the gate in any case!).

Hey, about the ornament exchange, is there more info lurking somewhere I haven't found? I was in a place with LOTS of ornaments today and found myself strangely unable to pick any, not sure of exactly what I was doing...

BTW, for the Heatmeiser, you only need to see a great picture of Ella from an October wind storm - she's got the HM "do" down pat!

Dawn said...

Oh we love this movie :) Hoping you all stay nice and warm...I wish we would just get a little has been unseasonably warm the high 50's!

Paula said...

Yes, we need some of that snow too. The ski resorts are opening up on the man made stuff and that just doesn't cut it :)

Anonymous said...

As much as I miss Michigan, I am glad we are in TX now. The snow is too much. Although it never quite feels like Christmas here with no snow. Go figure. Hope you enjoy your day off.

a Tonggu Momma said...

We were so worried about our flights being canceled on Monday, but everything went without a hitch. I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't experience the same! Enjoy the snow, though.

Anonymous said...

Too much snow for me...please keep it there, up north, would you please?!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Heat/Snow miser is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE animated C'mas show! I can sing every song!!!!!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Heat/Snow miser is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE animated C'mas show! I can sing every song!!!!!