Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Two Projects that Need Your Help...

Three Angels Children's Relief has a Christmas Project running and so far I haven't had anyone volunteer to join in. Participants will be sending a shoe box with a 2 pound bag of rice in the bottom, a small gift for a child and ten dollars to help cover the postage to Haiti, along with any letters or photos we would like to include. The boxes will need to shipped to a church in Tennessee where they will be forwarded on to the Three Angels orphanage in Haiti. This is really a wonderful project that we will be working on in conjunction with a church in TN. Please leave a comment and let me know if you would be willing to participate. There is a link on the top of my sidebar that takes you to a form that explains everything.

The One Child At A Time Auction that was created by Daleea needs donations. I know that Amanda has 2 new babies right now as well as one infant in the hospital and a new child who she just left with to seek medical care. She is in a unique position to be able to have access to these children who need care and we are in a unique position to be able to help. Please look through your closets and see if you have anything you could donate, or pull out your sewing machine and see what fabulous creation you can make. I have received several letters and e-mails from the Starfish Board of Directors acknowledging what you ladies do to help this cause and these children. They are so grateful for your hard work and dedication.

Lastly, get out there and vote!!


Christy said...

OK, I love lovelove your header-- It is beautiful. I have never seen that before but It isperfect and I want to put it on my blog. Where did you get it?


Jewels of My Heart said...

You are so precious........... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwa!
That painting on your header is simply beautiful..... I love it.

Truly Blessed! said...

Hey, my agency has a list of older (some NSN, some SN) kids in their Children of Hope Project -- there are videos of a lot of the kids, and more videos to come.

Oh how I wish I could bring home just one more -- can't do it, but I wish I could!

If your readers are interested, the agency is Christian World Adoptions and the web addy is

Meredith Teagarden said...

I have no time right now and the auction is ever so near to my heart!

kris said...

you amaze me, truly... you are such an inspiration.

Kristy said...

Kimberly I will certainly do the Three Angles project, just let me know what I am to do and when???

Love and blessings, Kristy