Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Starfish Book Drive...

Amanda at Starfish spends a lot of time in hospitals. When she was with Breanna for her heart surgery, she was required to stay in the hospital without leaving for many days. They did not provide her with a room or a place to bathe. She stayed on a couch in the hallway. This is a big part of her life as she travels all over China bringing the babies to different doctors who specialize in whatever their ailment is. While she was with Breanna I asked her what she did to pass the time and she told me someone had given her an old magazine. I asked her if she had any good books to read and she said she didn't. She spends her money on supplies for the babies and surgeries. She is very practical and very driven. She told me that she did not have access to a library, there weren't any in her area.
So, you know me....my mind started working. Actually, this one has been in the works for several weeks now. Thank you to my partner Verna for the wonderful header!

This is the project, if you would like to participate, please leave a comment and I will get you Amanda's address in China.

I would like to encourage anyone who would like to help to send Amanda a paperback book. It doesn't need to be a new book. It can be one that you have enjoyed in the past. Keep it paperback because shipping to China can be expensive, so the lighter the better. Please also send a card. I know that Amanda doesn't have a strong support group of ladies to help her face the challenges in her life. She is a strong Christian woman, so she relies on God. But I think that a kind word of encouragement would go a long way. She also spends nothing on herself, so if you would like to send something small and personal, like a bookmark or something..I think that would be wonderful. I did get out of her that she likes Robert Ludlum and books about Chinese adoption, that's all I could get without revealing what I was up to.

I asked her the other day if there were any small items that the children needed...I was thinking we could slide one in with our books.

This is the list she gave me:

Hyland's Infant teething tablets
Shaklee infant vitamin powder
Probotics for infants
Butterfly closures for wounds, small and large
Infant stool softener

If you would like to include any of these small items with your book, that would be wonderful!

Now, I want to prepare you that shipping to China is not cheap. The most cost-effective route is the US Postal Service, but the package will be handed over to the Chinese Postal Service where packages magically disappear on a regular basis. The best route is to use a major shipping company that tracks like UPS or FedEx. It's more expensive, but you know your package will get there. If you know someone with a discount at one of these places...ask them if you can use it. I know that Northwest Airline employees get a great discount.

Thank you.


OH MY #6 said...

I would love to prepare a package for this selfless lady! Where should I send it?

What a wonderful idea. You never cease to amaze me. I can't tell you how often I think this about you.


Somewhere In The Sun said...

I cannot imagine not having a book to read at all times, much less if I were sitting in a hospital! I have tons of books so please send me her address. This is a great idea!


Cyndi said...

I just copied your post and put it on mine What a great idea!!! Send me the address and I will get her some books out for sure this week.
Did you get my e-mail about the Secret Buddy???

April said...

Great idea. You know I never got those books to you to send to her back on the last drive. Guess I better get it in gear and get those to her. I have her address so you don't need to send it.

Jill W said...

Please send me her address. I would love to send her a care package. You are full of so many great ideas--you just amaze me.

Kimber said...

You are an amazing soul Kimberley! I will definitely send one. Did you out the address there?


Steffie B. said...

you amaze me.....;)

Michelle said...

I have only recently discovered your blog. You have such an amazingly kind and giving heart. I only wish I had discovered it sooner. I would love to send books to Amanda.

Brandi said...

Amanda is such an amazing lady. I would love to send some books to her. Can you be sure to get me her address?

Leigh Ann said...

I would love to partcipate - send me her address:)

Your blog is incredible as always!

verna said...

Kim, count me in. Please send the shipping info. Also, I think Ann at www.redthreadchina.com would be able to deliver packages for us -- at a cost though. Just another option.

Amy said...

Count me in!


mom 2 many said...

Please send me her address, I'd love to send her a book.


Jewels of My Heart said...

I just love your heart! What a wonderful idea. Verna's graphics are wonderful! I would love to send Amanda a book.... oh, the things we take for granted!
Thank you for ministering to her as well as to the babies.... please send meher address.
you never cease to amaze me!

Paula said...

Yes, please email me her address. I would love to send her some books.


count me in !!! send me the information ... I am sure I should know this, but can we send her Christian Fiction ???

I love how your heart and mind are always working ....

amy said...

Oh I have a ton I can give her! Send her address and I will have some First Friday friends help!

Jana said...

Oh, count me in!! I'd love to send Amanda a care package. She is ONE INSPIRING lady and she has touched the lives of so many. Thanks for all you do and for thinking always of others!

Andrea said...

I would love to send her a package. Send me her address!

Heather said...

Hi there girlie - so awesome, simply, awesome. I can send a packaage immediately. Do we send it directly to Amanda or are you Mrs. Middleman again??? My sweet mother, who broke her arm just said today how she wished she had some good places to send her books (she reads incessantly)and can't hold the books right now. We can also send some children's books if that would give her some special goodies for those sweet babies.

I have been heavily praying for your adoption, I feel a change a comin':)


mommy2gabby said...

Hi, I just love your blog and all that you do for these beautiful children and Amanda in China. Please send me the info so I can participate in sending books.

We are also LID 4/30/07. We are considering dropping out because of the long wait. I cry all the time and am really heart broken. We just can't wait that long. We switched to WC program with our agency in Jan. 08. We are still #22 and no new referrals to our agency. They promised that we would have a referral in less than a year. LOL!