Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What's In a Year?...

I am sitting here with my coffee looking back over this past year and what this blog has brought into my life. It's been so easy to feel like we're not moving, like the line we are standing in is going nowhere. But it has moved in beautiful winding paths through the lives of people we know and care for. This is what I've seen this year while I was standing in line. And let me say that I love the people who are standing with me. You are one of them. Thank you.

I have seen these children united with their families. I have seen the movies and the photos. I have seen the tears and the love:

Ava, Bennett, Ran, Sofia, Maggie, Katya, Sarah, DX, Lilyann, Zoe, Oliver, Eliana, Ella, Emily, Kate Emerson and Ethan

I have seen referrals come for these children and I am waiting to see them united with their families in 2008:

Grace Ryan, Elizabeth, Rosie, Noah, Cael and Paisley

We did move forward this year. Not as fast as many of us want to be moving, but we have had wonderful celebrations.

Thank you for your friendship, advice, love, support, showering my mailbox, prayers and understanding. When I started this blog officially last January, I had no idea what blessings it would bring me. I can truly say that there is no finer group of women. Happy New Year to you! I look forward to watching many of your children come home this year.

*The children listed are from the families on my blogroll, if there are children you would like to add to the list, please let me know. I think it does us all good to see the progress and the names of the children who have come home.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Happy New Year...
YOU have been so inpirational to me...Glad to have met you...
Hope to meet you in person one day soon..
Love all the things you do to make our LONG journeys sooo much more fun...
Babyblog showers.. Secret Buddy..
Bib Swaps (which I still want to be part of one..LOL) and everything else you do..
You blog is so uplifting..
Hugs to you girly..
OH.. and Saturday Chats...(I loved the last two..Thanks)
Have a WONDERFUL Day..
( I have to go back to work on Thurs....LOL)

Two Kayaks said...

Happy New Year, sweet girl! Hope this year brings you much joy and happiness.

Julie said...

So glad to have connected with you in 2007...here's to more referrals and forever family stories in 2008!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Happy New Year! Blogging has been a blessing to me too.

Mommy Spice said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. I have enjoyed being a blog friend, and look forward to a wonderful new year of blogging.

Leigh Ann said...

What a beautiful post...happy new year to you and your family.

Rachael said...

Happy New Year to you as well!

Mob said...

Even though I am not in the China wait, I feel it through my friends that I care about. I hope it speeds up soon.

LaLa said...

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope the new year brings us all health and happiness : )

Shana said...

Yes- a very beautiful post- thank you and Happy New Year!

I pray that things speed waaaaaay up and that you are united with your sweet Sophia Jane much much sooner than you think!

Hugs Always,
Shana :)

Dolores and Shawn said...

Happy New Year! Hope 2008 brings you everything your heart desires.

Truly Blessed said...


Great post -- great reminder of why we do this 'blogging' thing!

You have created your own little special community here, and I, for one, am grateful to be part of it!

Something else 2007 brought was you moving to our church family -- hasn't that been a blessing! I'm biased, I know, but I love ABC and the church family we have there.

Hoping we can get together again SOON!

Roy and Lori said...

Happy New Year!!

It is always a joy to
click on your blog each
day. Thanks for making
this journey more fun
and exciting while we
wait. You are a true
treasure and we value
your friendship!
Looking forward to
more of the good stuff
in 2008!

Take Care!!

LINDA said...

I share your sentiments. It has been a a wonderous year. I am thankful for so many things.
You are a fantastic woman and there are many who appreciate you, myself included. :)

Denise said...

Every day you wait brings you closer to your daughter...let's pray that things speed up in 2008!

Happy New Year!

Janet said...

It IS encouraging to see all those beautiful babies coming home, isn't it?

And can I just say what a source of encouragement your blog is? I love it!

Holly said...

Happy New Year! Great post!

Jewels of My Heart said...

I am honored and blessed by your friendship. You mean more to us than you will ever know.
Happy New Year and may this be a year of dreams come true...
God's Speed

sea star said...

What a beautiful, uplifting post!

~Happy New Year to you and your family!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Thank you for including us.
Thank you for your blog.
Thank you for the joy you birng to blogland.
Thank you for the inspiration that you offer.

Happy New Year to a wonderful lady whom I would love to meet.

Christine said...

Happy new year to you. Yes- you are right - the line is moving. We are all in a slow line but we get a chance to "meet" others in the line and learn from each other.
Nice post. Thanks for keeping the faith.

mommy24treasures said...

I am so glad to have met you. I guess we starterd around the smae time, I began last winter in Jan or Feb too. I pray your journey to your daughter is enjoyable and speeds up and that you have peace as you wait for her.

crazylady said...

Magic happens when you don't watch the hands too closely.

Blogging has clearly suited you and brought you much happiness. Lots more for 08.


ADELE said...

Happy New Year! I have enjoyed your blog. I agree that it is so wonderful that all of these children came home to their forever families this past year. Here's hoping and praying that referrals will speed up in 2008. I know I can hardly wait. I want my baby girl NOW. :)
Have an awesome new year. God Bless You.

Mom2Boober-Do said...

Happy New Year... as a priest said to me today, we are born into time, the dimension of time. And that is not unlike being born onto a moving sidewalk, like you see at airports. And it won't matter if you lie down, sit, walk, or run, time will keep moving forward. And we choose how we move in it :O)

Carol said...

Happy New Year! Love your blog!

Our Emily came home in Oct 07....

Kimber said...

Happy New Year buddy! Kate Emerson was united with us this year. April 4th! What a year!

Thank you for bringing sunshine to my days:)


Noemi said...

Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family! I am glad we found each other in 2007 and looking forward to each one of your 2008 posts!

Mike, Hayley & Piper said...

I echo all the comments made! Thank you for your gift of being a brilliant and compasionate blogger. You words and deeds reach far and wide and touch many lives.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. It has been a great year! One year closer to our sweet baby girls. Loved the links you provided it gives me hope.