Thursday, February 01, 2007

Revealing Some of My Bizarre Collection

I am accepting the tag to reveal some things in my house that are weird. Now, everything on this list, I just love. I can't tell you why, I just do.

These are called witches balls. Kind of creepy name, but the story is that the glass tendrils inside of the orbs were believed to be able to capture evil and keep it contained in the glass ball. These are said to have been quite popular during the 17 and 1800's.

The fairy in the kitchen rafters.

Me and the glow-in-the dark footprints that I bought at Halloween four years ago but never took down. They are in the upstairs bathroom on the mirror and they still glow in the dark. The kids love them.

When you have four children, this makes perfect sense. But, it's still a little weird to see an automatic hand sanitizer in someone's home.

The fairies hanging from the rafters above the staircase.

Don't know what to say about this. I just love it.

One painting of a sleeping woman.

Two paintings of a sleeping woman (actually this is a Matisse charcoal drawing).

Three paintings of a sleeping woman. I'm sure that one of you out there is a therapist and can explain to me why I am drawn to classic paintings of sleeping women.

And last but not least, the famous dogfish who debuted in my first post.

Lastly, but not pictured. I still own the bikini I wore in high school in 1986. Don't know why.


Made in China said...

I have a friendship ball in my dining room - it's like the witches ball but doesn't have the glass threads inside. The dogfish is absolutely hilarious!
The firt painting is a classic -it's called Mother and Child and it was painted by gustav Klimt. The last painting is called Flaming June and was painted by Fredrick Leighton in 1885. Ah 3 years of art history's all coming back to me!!

Julie :o)

Made in China said...

whoops ... actually it was 1895 ... I guess not all of it is coming back to me ... :o)

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

All I can think is with 4 little children the ladies in the pictures are going to be the only ones sleeping!

Beckyb said...

I love it - those are some great things - I was wanting to take part in that - but I don't know if I could find such great stuff!!!

Steffie B. said...

Very intersting.....c'mon...I want to see the bikini! lol

nikki said...

Witches and fairies and dogfish...oh my!

Amy said...

I love your art. I've seen the original of Gustav Klimt
The mother and child in Vienna. I have a Klimt poster in my bathroom.
I love that dreamy romantic art deco style!


tracy said...

That dogfish is creepy! Those are some cool items and having 3 boys, I think that soap dispenser is priceless.

Also, I'm no therapist but I would say that being a mom of 4 you are drawn to sleeping women art because you long to be the woman in that painting. Uninterrupted sleep....priceless.

Now where's that bikini??

Beckyb said...

LOVE the blinkies - way to go!!!

Tamara said...

You have a very whimsical home! I love it. My fave has got to be the automatic hand sanitizer!

Doris & Dan said...

I love the prints!

Cool stuff.

Keep smilin!

Karen said...

I love the sleeping ladies! My daughters would love your fairies! My oldest would love everything!

A Special Family said...

I love your items!!
I too have the Gustav Klimt picture, one of my favourites. What is the last picture called with the lady sleeping (and orange dress)?

new girl said...

What fun stuff you have in your house! The dogfish is so funny. And no picture of the bikini??