Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Monday...And Thank You.

This graphic is very fitting for today since it is just pouring rain here. We need it though and it isn't so hard to go back to work on a Monday like this.
I wanted to acknowledge some of the mail that we have received this past week and thank you for your friendship.
E-Thank you for your beautiful card and for proclaiming me the cat's ass once again. You know I proudly accept the title.
Stacy-Thank you so much for your sympathy card. It was a wonderful pick me up. How kind of you to think of us.
Jonni-Thank you for your card. I am really touched by your kindness.
Juliette-Your card is just beautiful. Thank you so much
Stefanie-You have been such a true friend to me. Thank you for your cards. And yes, we will have to get together very soon. I am so lucky to live close to you and be able to benefit from having someone who has adopted from China before, help me along the way.
Jane-There are no need for thank you's from you-but I love the card anyway. I am the one who is blessed by knowing you.
Again, thank you and have a great day everyone!


Holly said...

Love the picture. Have a great day!

Ms. Dragonfly said...

You're welcome RMJ.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Have a Great Monday....
Kim you are a very wonderful lady..
I am glad that I have got to know you and hope to only know you more in the future..
You have a HEART that is SOOO BIG...
Take care

Juliette said...

Glad you got it and liked it.
Have a nice week!

Rachael said...

Love the daisies and the new colors!

You always seem to find the best sayings and graphics...any ideas for a phrase for my playroom wall?

It's raining here too.

cougchick said...

love that picture. it is raining here as well, first time in way too long.
have a great day, Kim.

Lynn said...

Looks like we are going to get a whole summer's worth of rain in one week here in MI!

Stay dry!

Lori said...

Love, love, love the daisies!

Franceskasjourneyhome said...

Can I ask what the sympathy cards were for? You got me all worried.Whatever it is you are in my prayers. I also love your blog and thank you for sharing mine with everyone.
Love, Kristy

Franceskasjourneyhome said...

Nevermind I went further back and read all about everything. I am so sorry for your loss, I will keep all of you in my prayers.
Love, Kristy

Steffie B. said...
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Steffie B. said...

You are so welcome my friend!