Friday, May 18, 2007

Tagged! By my friend Sara at 'Journey to Mia Lin'

Seven Things You May Not Know About Me....

1) My favorite sport is volleyball. I played all through junior high and high school.

2) My favorite foods are Chinese, Mexican and Sushi.

3) My favorite television show is Brothers and Sisters, followed by October Road.

4) I truly believe I have a soul connection to my home. Really..I think we are destined to be together.

5) I am completely disgusted by our gas prices and the governments ability to do absolutely nothing about it. I run my truck on Ethanol because I would rather have my money supporting American farmers verses oil tycoons.

6) I believe in ghosts.

7) I am currently obsessed with finding a Little Tikes Basketball Hoop at a garage sale...has anyone seen one??


Janet said...

I think I saw someone carrying a Little Tykes basketball thingey out of Superstore the other day....hope you can find one!

A Special Family said...

Great list. The picture at the top gave me a laugh, what a cutie!

Dolores and Shawn said...

I hear ya' about the gas prices. It's a long weekend here and wouldn't you know it, gas prices skyrocketed for no reason last night. It's just terrible.

Stacy said...

I LOVE the show Brothers and Sisters.

Great list!

C.J. said... basketball :0(

I was a volleyball freak too...ah, so many years ago it seems.

Journey to Mia said...

I am watching brothers and sisters right now. I haven't ever watched it but it is pretty funny.

Love the "messy" photo! too funny