Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mr. Brian is asking for Prayer...

Mr Brian at 'All in a Days Work' is asking for prayer. He has started a new job where he assists patients during their dialysis treatments. I would imagine that this could be a very emotionally challenging thing to face day to day.
For those of you who don't know Mr. Brian, he is a wonderful man with a very big heart.


Kimber said...

I love how you always are thinking of others! You seem like a loyal friend.


crazylady said...

Hey Miss Mary Jane. I'm a hemodialysis nurse. With nurses like me in dialysis, I'll definately say a prayer for your friend! LOL. I'm a nice nurse, well, cuz, they pay to be nice. :o)

cougchick said...

I am also a dialysis nurse although I am nt currently working in that field (out town is too small). It will always be my first love and I agree with crazylady that he definitely needs more than one prayer. LOL. I will pop over and say hi!

Mr.Brian said...

Thanks so much!! I was feeling the prayers at work yesterday.I did not feel as lost with what i was doing.
There may be hope.