Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Celebrating Motherhood...the Ultimate Blog Party

I am the Biological Mother of 3 boys: Zachary age 14, Tyler age 11 and Elijah age 2. I am the Step-mother of Katelyn age 14. I am the soon to be Adoptive Mother of Sophia. I am the Godmother of Vincent and Savannah.

There are so many roles encompassed in the term Mother and they each have their rewards and trials. It's the toughest job I have ever had. The most demanding responsibility, it takes everything I have-my heart and my soul. And I thank God for every day that I have the incredible blessing to hear myself called Mom by my children.

That I have been so incredibly honored to be the first person to truly look into their eyes when they entered this world. That I held their bottles and their hands. That I received their first open-mouth kisses. That I brought them before God to be baptized. That I stood beside them on their first day of kindergarten, followed that schoolbus to and from school so I could be there when they got on and off. That they actually believed my kiss could heal any pain.

DisneyWorld, the dentist, hockey, soccer, t-ball, choir and violin concerts-I wouldn't miss it for anything.

So, tell me about your mother roles. Tell me about your joys and trials. I love talking to other Mothers-To-Be, Mothers and Grandmothers.


Cherie said...

Just stopping by to say hi! What a great party! And congrats on your one month anniversary! Hopefully the adoption goes smoothly!

I'm a mom to an almost 5-year old boy & 3-year old girl and love it! (Although with my son turning 5 it is really making me feel old and kind of sad!)

Take care and I'll swing by sometime soon!

Stacy said...

I'm still waiting to fulfill all of those dreams. I should be the most patient mom on the planet after all the years of waiting. :)

emmie said...

I'm sure you are a totally great mother with a beautiful family!

Ann Kroeker said...

Dropping in here just as you dropped in on mine to say hello and thanks! It's fun to read about you and your family--fun pictures, too.

Party on!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Your post put me in mind of a poem I wrote for my mom when I was 19. I must look that up and put it on my blog sometime. Maybe Mothers day!

I see you are coming into some teenage years with your 14 year old Katelyn. Those years are the ones where you are tested time and again on your skills as a parent. Teens are always up for a debate.

I see your still enjoying the party! TTFN

Steffie B. said...

You already know my scoop. Lovely post though! ;)

nikki said...

Yes, motherhood is the absolute greatest gift in the world...but also the most difficult job EVER.

Moms Rock!
And so do Future moms!!!!

Jessica said...

Thank you for stopping by.
It is so exciting that you are drawing closer to your little girl time wise.
I have friends that have started the process of adopting a little girl from China, but they keep getting their date pushed farther away.
It was nice to meet you.
Great family.

Mommy Spice said...

When we were unable to conceive, I was not ready to consider adoption. I was afraid I couldn't love "someone elses child" like my own. God changed my heart and took me down the path of adoption. Now having MY daughter, I can't imagine her being any less mine. When someone asks if she's adopted, my first thought is, "How'd they know?" I love this child so much, I feel like my heart might explode. I love speaking to couples who are considering adoption and asking the questions that I once had.

LIZ said...

Well, I'm anxiously and not so patiently waiting to see what motherhood is all about...I'm sure once it happens I'll be coming back for lots of advice from all my blogger friend experts.
Everyone tells me it's the best feeling in the world...and from how I feel about Ava right now...not having even met her yet...I can see this is so true!

Anonymous said...

Hi I have alot of comments on motherhood, depends on the day. Ha.
I feel so blessed to be my kids mommy. They are so sweet and we as a family make such a good team. Love your new design.

Undercover Angel said...

I hope the adoption goes easily for you.

I'm a mom to 4 kids and 2 step kids and I tend to be a jack of all trades. My mother roles are nurse, a counsellor, a coach, a name it...

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Tracey & Mike said...

I too am a multi-mom! I have a 15 year old stepdaughter, a 4 year old bio daughter and am anxiously awaiting the adoption of our girls' mei mei. Motherhood is definitely something worth celebrating!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

GIRL - you are making me CRY over here!!!

so beautiful!

I am mom to just one - Jackson, my five year old boy. But my twin's daughter Julia is my little girl too. I love her as if she were my own! So really I have two :) And I have another one sprouting inside me!!! :)

Esther said...

Your blog gave me goosebumps! I really like it. We have three children and are adopting two more. I blog about adoption as well ;o)